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11 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for Your Health
It is perceived that chocolate is not healthy for health and most of the people consider it as a health risk factor. This is totally wrong.  Dark chocolates will not only help you to reduce you mass, anxiety, cancer and heart diseases but also help you to maintain good complexion.

The researchers of University of California-San Diego conducted a deep study over chocolates and said that if someone wishes to be slim and thin then  he who must eat chocolates once a day.  On the other hand, another study claims that chocolates do not only ward off heart diseases but also help people to maintain their diet.

Here are the 11 reasons of why chocolate is good for your health:

1. Chocolate decreases stroke risk:
A Swedish based study claims that those women who take 45 grams of chocolate in one week reduce 20 percent risk of Stroke.

2. Chocolate reduces the likelihood of a heart attack:
Another study says that those people who eat the chocolates have least chances of heart attacks. Actually, chocolates prevent blood clots which result in reduction of heart attack risk.

3.  Chocolate protects against blood inflammation:
In 2008, a study disclosed that those people who eat one Hershey’s dark chocolate bar per week have least chances of heart attack. Not only this, intake of 6.7 grams per day helps you to reduce blood inflammation in your body.

4. Chocolate helps with math:
British psychologists claimed that flavanols help people to develop their mental math. They further said that dark chocolates help students to revise the study course before appearing in the final exams.

5. Chocolate may prevent cancer:
The researchers of Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University claimed that regular intake of chocolates help people to reduce the risk of cancer. They said that cocoa contains pentameric  procyanidin which does not allow cancer cells to spread in the body.

6. Chocolate reduces the risk of diabetes:
A study of University of L’Aquila says that regular eating of chocolates augment the sensitiveness of insulin however it reduces the chances of diabetes.

7. Chocolate is good for your skin:
We do not know about other chocolates but it is for sure that dark chocolate is literally good for your skin. A team of German researchers claims that dark chocolates help people to deter the UV rays of sun to fullest extent but it does not mean that you avoid taking sun light.

8. Chocolate can control coughs:
The best way to lessen down your cough is to eat dark and fresh chocolates.  It has been researched that chocolates contain theobromine which reduces the activities of Vagus Nerves.

9. Chocolate improves blood flow:
Harvard Scientists conducted an experiment in 2008 for checking the flood of blood in the brain. After the regular intake of chocolates for 13 days, the scientists said that the more you eat chocolates, the more you have blood in the brain.

10. Chocolate strengthens your brain:
Researchers of the Johns Hopkins University  said that dark chocolates shield your brain cells and they should be taken on regular basis for strengthening the performance of your brain.

11. Chocolate makes you live longer:
Harvard Scientists conducted a research on a big number of people and found that those people who eat dark chocolates have more life expectancy than non eaters. They said that regular intake of dark chocolate adds two years more to your life and you should eat dark chocolates on daily basis.