Cordless phone radiation

Did you know that, according to a 2010 study, children between the ages of 8 and 17 years old who experienced short term EMF exposure suffered from irritation, headaches, and even difficulty concentrating in school?

When it comes to kids struggling in school, there can be a wide variety of reasons behind it. Some kids simply do not have the aptitude for a traditional school environment and would rather be more hands on. Others might be dealing with a disability that affects their ability to interact with their learning environment, such as autism. Still others, though, may be suffering from the effects of EMF dangers.

How can you protect children from EMF? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Turn Cell Phones Off in the House

The fact that many schools now ban cell phones among teens is actually a good thing, because cell phones often lead to problems with EMF. When you?re in your own house, there?s no reason to have cell phones constantly on and contributing to the problem. Keep your land line and turn off the phones (this means completely off or airplane mode so it is not trying to connect). At the very least, keep phones off while sleeping so that you are not exposing yourself and your children to chronic EMF exposure during a time when the brain is most vulnerable.

EMF Protection Shields

Did you know that there are now room shields you can use against EMF? This helps to counteract the effects of radiation and help to keep your body healthy. These shields can be especially useful for things like laptop radiation. It?s worth noting that you should always use a laptop on a desk or table service — NOT your lap since this will lead to radiation occurring right against your body. How many EMF protection shields should you have? The average household will have about 20. However, the right number for your home will really depend on the number of appliances you have, as well as where you live. If you live in a fairly remote area then you might be fine with just 10 shields. If you live in the middle of an apartment complex in the city, then closer to 30 might be ideal.

Shielding Can be Reinforced With EMF Protection Necklaces

The role of protective jewelry in blocking EMF is often misunderstood. This jewelry in itself will not block anything; instead, it acts in tandem with and reinforces the effect of the room shield. This can be a great investment for kids, though, since they frequently move around a lot and aren?t going to be as cognizant of which appliances in your home or neighborhood are most important to avoid.

So, will you be using EMF protection shields to keep your family safe? Let us know your thoughts