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When people get sick, family practice doctors often offer the same advice: call in sick to work, get lots of bed rest, drink plenty of fluids, have some chicken soup, and take some over the counter cold medicine. While these methods are all great ways to overcome sickness, they’re not the only things you can do.
In fact, there are some pretty interesting ways in which people deal with their colds. Here are just a few.

Treat Yourself. When suffering from a cold, it’s not a bad idea to put your diet on pause. While your body will definitely need all the nutrients, vitamins, and sustenance it can get when it’s sick, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge. In fact, you should. Sicknesses stress the body. Having cookies, cake, ice cream, or some other treat can reduce stress, which will allow your immune system to work more efficiently.

Enjoy Some Jazz. Even if you don’t like jazz, you might want to give it a shot when you’re sick. Research has shown that listening to jazz for half an hour actually boosts immunoglobulin A levels, an immune protein that plays an important part in defending against infection.It acts like an antibody to prevent viruses, bacteria, and other microorganism infection. If jazz really isn’t your thing, though, soft rock, bluegrass, and choral music have all shown similar results.

Eat an Onion. If you’re sick, eat an onion. It’s good for you. First, it’s naturally antimicrobial, particularly when it’s raw, so it’ll kill tons of those nasty sickness bacteria .Second, it contains sulfur, which can help detoxify your body, and improve your immune system’s responsiveness.

Who would have thought that enjoying a sweet and/or salty treat, some nice jazz music, or even a raw onion would help you overcome whatever cold or sickness is plaguing you. If you have any questions, or know of any other weird tricks to help fight off a cold, feel free to share in the comments.