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The human body is made up of billions of atoms that absorb the energy around us. Our bodies’ cells are so sensitive to this that just the energy that comes from the magnetic fields in the earth have an impact on us. This is called natural electromagnetic frequency. That exact same effect is duplicated by the energy that is released from electrical devices that we are surrounded by, especially ones that send signals back and forth, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and two-way smart electrical meters. Scientists have demonstrated that when a human cell is exposed to the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that wireless devices send off, it energizes the cell and impacts its natural function.

You may have noticed the extent of electrical gadgets around us has skyrocketed in the last decade or two. The impact that that this sudden flood of EMF radiation has had on our bodies is largely unknown. What we do know is that brain tumors of “unknown cause” have increased by 30% since 2008. What we also know is that when children are exposed to high levels of EMF energy, they report headaches, irritation, and trouble concentrating, according to 2010 study. In fact, last May, nearly 200 scientists from across the world called upon the United Nations and the World Health Organization to raise awareness and provide greater protection to the risks of EMF radiation we are subjected to.

On a personal level, people can protect themselves from the EMF dangers through small devices that work as EMF blockers and through simple lifestyle changes. A few methods of electromagnetic radiation protection include:

  1. EMF Blockers
    EMF blockers come in a variety of sizes and serve a variety of purposes. Their general function is to neutralize the dirty electricity that leads to radiation and impacts our health. Such EMF blockers included laptop radiation shield, EMF neutralizers for both large appliances and small appliances, microwave shielding, and targeted protection that can be worn, such as EMF protection necklaces. The EMF blockers that would best serve you depend on the setup of your home and work, your lifestyle, and greatest sources in which you are expose to EMF radiation.
  2. Be mindful of your cell phone.
    When you hold your cell phone up to your face to make a phone call, you are subjecting the most critical part of your body, your brain, to direct and close-range radioactive waves. Instead of talking with your cell phone to your ear, use your speaker phone feature, or plug in headset. There are also cell phone radiation shields that you can install on your phone to minimize the dangers of radiation.
  3. Reduce the energy around you while you sleep.

    When you are in a state of sleep, your body is creating new cells and repairing damage. Since your cells are in a state of repair while you sleep, they are most impacted by the effects of EMF radiation. As such, it is more important while you were sleeping than any other time, that your body is not being influenced by EMF radiation. Try to keep your bedroom free of electrical devices, especially ones that use wireless technology. Anything you do need, should be plugged in far away from your bed. It’s a good idea to put your phone in airplane mode or off while you sleep, and turn your Wi-Fi signal off to reduce the level of radiation you are exposed to.
  4. Support negative ion producers.
    The electromagnetic energy that causes radiation can be absorbed by products that have the negative impact on the ions of EMF radiations. Some studies show that when burned, beeswax is a negative ion producer; burning beeswax candles is a simple way to offset the EMS energy that you are exposed to in your home. Other EMF experts say that having direct contact with the natural energy that the earth releases has shown to transfer negative ions into you our body. There are products that help your body absorb natural energy, but it can be achieved as simply as walking on the earth without shoes on.

Do you have any other tips for reducing the dangers of EMF energy? Please share them in the comment section below!