Emf protection necklace

Often, we find ourselves wondering why we’re anxious or moody, why America is dealing with a rising number of behavioral problems in children and adults alike. Though some remain skeptical, the electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure caused by devices like cell phones … with 6 billion users globally as of 2012 … may be the source of many problems we face today. As we understand EMF dangers, it’s important to know how to prevent issues caused by EMF, and understand what EMF means.

1. EMF Is A Real Problem Surrounding Us

As previously mentioned, EMF refers to the electromagnetic fields that surround us each day. Typically, EMF is emitted by common electronic devices like cell phones and laptops. It’s also been connected to cordless phone radiation

2. The Effects OF EMF Are More Serious Than You Think

The effects of EMF without a proper EMF blocker can be physical, psychological, and emotional. A 2012 study suggests that continuous EMF exposure caused physiological stress to cells after just 1.5 years; EMF exposure is also linked to headache, neurological issues, sleep, and concentration problems. It can even reduce male fertility, with another 2012 study proving that Wi … Fi laptop exposure for just four hours decreased sperm viability.

3. How To Block EMF Exposure

EMF protection is easier to incorporate into your life than you would think. Upon visiting an EMF safety store, you’ll find everything from EMF shielding fabric to a laptop radiation shield, as well as microwave shielding. EMF protection jewelry is a particularly popular option, as it’s easy to use without anyone knowing that you’re wearing an EMF blocker.

4. Where Can I Buy EMF Protection?

Although there are online vendors, you can also visit an EMF safety store in person. At an EMF safety store, you’ll meet professionals who can help you understand EMF and its consequences. They can also match you up with the right blockers for your devices. Upon visiting this kind of store, you’ll know exactly what your strategy should be and what you need to do next.

5. Is All Of This Real?

It’s true that there are naysayers who will doubt the validity of EMF and EMF blockers. Some EMF blockers made are even based on quantum and traditional physics. But the fact is that EMF is an issue that needs to be dealt with, and luckily there are solutions that won’t radically change your lifestyle and routines. Don’t let traditionalism keep you from taking care of your mental and physical health.