Stress burnout symptoms

Stress and exhaustion are real and common, but what do you do when it turns into something else> Work can contribute to a lot of stress causing one million people in the U.S. to miss work a day, and causing one in four to use a mental health day at work. When stress leads to exhaustion you may find yourself searching up how to relieve exhaustion and stress and burnout. Read below to see some tips for treating these symptoms.


Your body subtly sends signals that it is exhausted and it is overworked or tired, and if you don’t listen to these signals, then your entire world may feel as though it has stopped. Job stress, workplace stress, workplace anger and crazy hectic work schedules all keep you from listening to your body try to tell you these things. When your body does tell you and you do listen take time needed to recover completely. This is step one of how to recover from exhaustion and burnout.

Breaking the Routine

When you find yourself suffering from burnout rest and relaxation is what is required to help your nervous system recover. This means social media and electronics should be used at a minimum and social events should be put on hold. Anything that causes stress is not going to make the process better, it is going to make the healing process even longer. Listen to your body, take care of yourself and put down the stressers for a while.


When you find yourself deciding on how to recover from exhaustion sometimes you realize that you can’t do it all on your own. Sometimes this means that you must ask for or seek help. For those who suffer from work related burnout this can be especially difficult, because most of the time the reason they’re here in the first place is a “can do” attitude. When you take someone with this attitude and expect them to ask for help, the end result usually is not the best. These individuals have a hard time admitting they can’t do it on their own and they need help. Let close friends know what is going on, and ask them for help. Reach out to support groups to see that you’re not alone. The help is there sometimes just taking the first step is the hardest though.


Engage is slow and healing forms of exercise until you feel ready to proceed to more physical exercise. These types of exercise should become part of your daily routine. They will help relieve stress and help you body heal more quickly. This helps to get the blood flowing so that you can begin the road to recover, but the important thing to remember is to start easy. Slowly and easily get your blood flowing until your body signals that it is ready for more.


Sometimes when you are suffering from exhaustion or job burnout it sounds appealing to eat sugary foods to perk you up, but the awful crash you experience afterwards isn’t good. Choose healthy foods rather than sugary and fatty ones. Healthy foods will help rebuild cells in your body to help you feel rejuvenated, plus they are the fuel that your body needs in order to heal. Before reaching for that energy drink, reach for some fresh fruit for your afternoon pick me up.


Obviously things were not going as great as you thought they were if you are suffering and trying to figure out how to recover from exhaustion and burnout. Use this time to rethink what is important to you. What are your priorities and how well did you do meeting them before all of this? Sometimes when we go back and evaluate something we realize that it is not quite as important as we once thought it was. That could very well be the case here.

When deciding how to recover from exhaustion
and burnout take your symptoms seriously. Symptoms left untreated lead to depression and problems in personal lives. Know the signs, recognize them and start treating them as soon as you see them for best results.