Deep tissue massage therapy

Getting a massage by a certified massage therapy specialist can make us not only feel great but massage has been medically proven to have physical benefits to our bodies. There are several different kinds of massage that you can receive:

  1. Swedish Massage
  2. Deep Tissue Massage
  3. Sports Massage Therapy
  4. Symphatic Drainage
  5. Prenatal Massage
  6. Myofascial Release
  7. Trigger Point Therapy
  8. Prenatal Massage

The following are some of the physical benefits of massage:

Endorphin Release
Therapeutic massage can make you feel like a new person; absolutely fantastic. There is a medical reason for this: massage actually releases something called endorphins into your system. Endorphins are also known as ‘feel good’ chemicals. They help you to relax and can help with pain, anxiety and stress.

Circulation Improvement
A massage therapy specialist can use certain techniques to promote blood circulation as well as lymphatic fluid circulation. This helps to bring oxygenated blood and nutrients to areas that need healing.

Boost Your Immune System
White blood cells and t cells are what your body uses to fight against sickness and infection. When there is better blood circulation, the way these cells fight becomes much more efficient and can actually boost the entire system.

Lower Blood Pressure
Massage therapy stimulates the nervous system that deals with blood pressure, lowering it if it is elevated by slowing your heart rate and breathing to a calm, restful and natural rhythm.

Muscle Relaxation
We’ve all felt that feeling of being ‘tense’ or having ‘knots’ that have to be kneaded out. Well, this isn’t far off from what really happens. On a daily basis we can cause micro trauma to our muscles simply by sleeping weird or carrying items that are a little to heavy for us. When this happens, the surrounding muscles will tense up to protect the mirco trauma while it heals. A massage therapy specialist can determine where these problem areas are and what technique is needed to ease those muscles.

Sleep Well
Massage has been proven to release something called serotonin into our bodies which is what helps us to sleep and determines our mood. With the increase of endorphins as well as serotonin, many patients end up getting a very restful sleep that night.

Get Rid of Stress
The only way our bodies know what to deal with the tension and extra energy of stress is to bottle it up in our muscles. Massage therapy can decrease a ‘stress hormone’ called cortisol and counteract the effect of stress.

It is recommended to get at least one massage a month, depending on the level of stress in your life. Receiving these monthly massages will help you to enjoy your day to day life better. You may even find it easier to remain calm and almost care free when life throws its hardships at you.