Quick weight loss center

Everyone remembers the “good old days,” back in the teenage years, before they had children and before the sedentary lifestyle of an adult took over, when they could eat anything they wanted and not gain an ounce.

More than two-thirds of people over the age of 18 have a BMI over 25: Body Mass Index measures the percentage of body fat that people carry, and is considered a screening method for potential illness related to obesity.

Rapid weight loss, however, is not the answer. Losing weight too quickly can damage internal organs, and the likelihood is that the weight will be gained back. People who are profoundly overweight are at risk for certain illnesses, like diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks.

A physicians weight loss clinic can provide a slower transition to a healthier diet. Medical weight loss solutions may be covered by insurance.

Where a medically supervised weight loss program can provide the most benefit
is in its access to experts on weight loss: an outpatient weight loss program can provide dietary counseling as well as information about healthy exercise. Patients can be evaluated for illness and medication can be prescribed and adjusted as needed, over the course of the treatment.

Exercise seems to be the key to long-term weight loss. Experts say that adults should work out about ten hours a month, or an hour and a half per week, for maximum health benefit.

A brisk walk, a ride on a bicycle, or a trip to a local gym can make a marked difference in heart health and overall well-being. Physician weight loss programs that incorporate supervised exercise are seen as a positive option for many obese patients.

Basically, a physicians weight loss clinic is a supervised approach to weight loss, where participants can access expert-level information. Having a counselor to talk to about emotional issues, getting clear feedback about how to perform exercises, and making a long-term commitment to being in better health with the support of professionals seems to allow participants to have more support in the weight loss process.