Artificial insemination michigan

For couples having difficulty conceiving, or same-sex couples who would like to have a child, infertility procedures such as ivf treatments, artificial insemination, surrogacy can allow couples to have the child they’ve always dreamed of.

Infertility can be sensitive subject, however, it may be more common than you think. In fact, one in eight couples, or 12% of married women, have difficulty conceiving or sustaining a healthy pregnancy. A woman is most fertile between the ages of 20 and 24, with her ability to conceive decreasing around the age of 30. Nearly 85 to 90% of all infertility cases can be successfully treated with via surgery or surgical procedures.

While many couples have concerns or anxiety related to infertility procedures, it’s important to remember that ivf success rates are quite high as well as safe. Infertility treatments have become quite common and are not regarded as taboo as they once were, with nearly 7.4 million women, or 11.9% of women, having received infertility services in their lifetime.

Fertility clinics understand that couples may be anxious or have concerns regarding conceiving a child. Therefore, they ensure they make the process as transparent and thorough as possible. It’s important to explore infertility procedures with an open mind. There are many stigmas associated with infertility, these are founded on fear, not factual information. There are several treatment options available that can help couples achieve their goal of having a child.
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