Cpap machines for sale

Sleep apnea is a much more common disorder than many people think, affecting around 18 million Americans. Because many people don’t know much about sleep apnea and the surrounding consequences, many go undiagnosed. In the United States alone, one in 50 people– or 2 to 4%– are undiagnosed. Those who go without treatment for a long period of time are three times more likely to develop heart disease.

If you don’t already know, sleep apnea is characterized by several periods of time throughout the night where an individual stops breathing. It can be incredibly scary if you don’t know what’s going on, and due to the nature of the illness, it’s very important to talk to a doctor about treatments as soon as possible. Two popular treatments are the nightly use of a bipap machine or a cpap machine. While bipap uses a bipap mask and is actually newer technology, many people report issues with it. However, cpap machines are a tried and true technology, so read on for just a few of their benefits!

Cpap machines are older technology that has been perfected over the years, so the user can feel secure in their choice of treatment. In addition to that security, a cpap machine can help lower your blood pressure, induce moderate weight loss, allow you to sleep more deeply, and can help prevent more serious cardiovascular issues. Just keeping blood pressure down will not only help sleep apnea, but it will improve the user’s overall health. The cpap machine is designed to keep your airways open and taking in air, to reduce the amount of apneas throughout the night.

There are numerous treatment options for sleep apnea, and with technological advances, those options are becoming even better. If you find out you have sleep apnea, make sure to also get tested for related health issues, so that you and your doctor can come up with a treatment to target as many issues as possible. Do you have any advice for those just starting out treatment? Let us know in the comments!