Let’s be honest: most men don’t put the same amount of effort into their after-shower routine as women. But we all need to be taking care of our skin on a regular basis. Too often, especially during the winter, our skin dries out and we lose many of our natural oils. There are regular steps we can take in our daily mirror routine to improve the health of our skin. Here are five things you can do to accomplish that goal!

1. Facial Moisturizer

By using a facial moisturizing cream after showering, it ensures the skin on our faces won’t dry out, leaving your skin vulnerable to long-lasting damage and scarring. Keeping your face moisturized and clean is a great way to avoid acne, and on the plus side they usually smell fantastic.

2. Mens Eye Cream

If you have a problem with bags under your eyes, you aren’t alone. It’s a problem that many people face, and want to find a solution to. Using mens eye cream, you can get rid of those dark circles in no time at all. Applying mens eye cream along with the rest of your mirror routine will help restore color to your eyes!

3. Beard Care and Maintenance

It’s all too easy to just let your beard grow out, but taking the time out of your day to really commit to trimming and taking care of your beard can have hugely positive effects on your overall look. By spending a few minutes a day properly tending to the tangled mess of hair on your face, you could avoid looking like a scruffy vagabond and instead appear to be a handsome gentleman!

4. Cologne

Don’t go overboard, but a small squirt of cologne can have a great effect on people’s overall perception of you. Find a smell that goes with your style, maybe try to pair it with a good deodorant for men, and you’ve got a smell that will draw people in and charm them.

5. Hair Product

Many men don’t feel the need to do anything with their hair in the mornings, and while nobody should feel like they need to do anything to make themselves look better, it can often be fun and kind of adventurous to experiment with hair styles. Use some hair products and try out a few different looks. You may be surprised at what you find works for you!

Do you have any other morning routine tips for me? Share them with us all in the comments, and have a happy morning routine!