The student is a good advocate for herself. Even when there is a substitute teacher, the 19 year old makes sure that she lets the visiting teacher wears the lapel microphone and transistor. After years in the public school system, the hearing impaired young lady has learned to use her skills to successfully navigate a number of situations. From classrooms to job sites, the young woman is living a full life and has learned to find the accommodations that she needs when necessary.

As many as 15% of adults ages 18 and older have some form of trouble hearing. for this reason, there are many processes and procedures in place to make sure that these people are as successful as possible. A wide range of hearing centers offer a way for individuals to get the tests that they need so they can get the services that they require to live the fullest life.

Hearing Aid Clinics Offer Services to a Wide Range of Patients

Hearing testing centers help assess the hearing needs of people of all ages. This is fortunate because a recent study indicates that as many as 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from hearing aids. As the options for hearing healthcare continue to expand, it is important to make sure that as many people as possible get tested and find a way to get access to the services that they need. The fact that as many as 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents is one indicator that there are a large number of people who are willing to advocate for their children.

Hearing centers serve as a valuable resource for families who are trying to determine the amount of hearing loss that exists, as well as the services that are available. It is important to make sure that your young child’s hearing issues are addressed because even mild hearing loss can cause a student to miss up to 50% of classroom discussion. As people age, it is also important to make use of the available resources. Unfortunately, fewer than 30% of those age 70 and older who could benefit from using hearing aids have ever used them.