Injury can happen anywhere and at anytime. If you are suffering from neck pain it may stem from something simple, or something harder to treat. Don’t take chances when it comes to pain; depending on the cause, not seeking treatment can make the problem even worse over time.

Pain Management

If you’ve seen a physician, or have otherwise ruled out a broader cause, there are a couple ways to manage neck pain at home.

  • Try not to stay in one position. If you’re prone to having bad posture, or sit in one position for long periods of time, you could make neck pain worse. Getting up and walking around briefly, or moving every so often, can help alleviate the pain. It also helps prevent your neck from being caught in an uncomfortable position.
  • Make some adjustments. If you’re on a computer for long periods of time, make sure to adjust your monitor so it’s at eye level. This prevents you from having to hold your head lower, or higher, than what is comfortable. Having your keyboard at a slightly higher angle can also help you keep things straight, as opposed to stooping down.
  • Don’t use multiple pillows. Sleeping with more than one pillow can keep your neck bent at an unhealthy angle during the night. This not only means you’ll be in pain when you wake up, but over time it can make the issue worse. If you can try sleeping with only one pillow at night in order to keep your neck as straight as possible.
  • Don’t push yourself. If you have to move heavy objects, know your limits. Don’t strain yourself, and instead ask for help. Putting too much tension on your neck can lead to more severe issues that could require physical therapy or rehabilitation to correct.
  • Adjust your sleep. Sleep problems can not only lead to sluggish mornings, but they can increase your risk for acquiring muscular or skeletal problems. If you’re having difficulty, consider talking to your doctor about solutions.

Neck pain treatment can range from simple at home changes, to more complex medical interventions. Many people suffer from neck pain that can be more easily managed, but depending on the cause you should seek medical treatment. If you’ve suffered an accident or injury, for example, it’s best not to try and remedy things on your own. Additionally, there could be an underlying issue that only your doctor could diagnose. Cervical disc disease is one such example, which occurs when vertebrae have become herniated or have deteriorated. This can cause nerves to become pinched, which can cause significant pain, and further issues, if not treated accordingly.

Don’t take chances when it comes to treating your pain. Speaking to your doctor can help you receive treatment, and bring you peace of mind, so that you can begin living a pain free life.