Family practice ehr software

What is online EHR software? EHR stands for electronic health record and is used to handle everything from electronic medical records to billing software. The U.S. healthcare field faces new challenges every day and the technology used to make both the lives of doctors and your average American easier needs to follow suit. The increasing amount of Americans applying for Medicaid and Medicare, alongside other recent insurance providers, have also contributed to the surge of applicants for EHR incentive programs. Continue reading to learn more about online EHR software, its recent surge of use and how you can take advantage of its many benefits.

Online EHR Software Statistics

As of 2011, over half of all American physicians adopted EHR systems in their working environments. Almost three-quarters of physicians reported that the system met the federal requirements for functional use and physicians without EHR said they plan on buying one within the following year. Between 2012 and 2013, office-based physicians found their use of EHR systems increased by over 20% overall. Web based electronic medical records can also provide ease of access for people who are unable to visit their medical office and need to be updated on their personal information. Health and its financial and emotional difficulties can take a toll and a modern, up-to-date system will ease that stress for all parties.

Software Benefits

There are multiple benefits for electronic health record software, many of which smooth out the process of an industry that becomes more complex and necessary by the day. Software features include scheduling medical appointments, maintaining medical records, following demographic trends and being flexible for both small family practices and larger hospitals. Electronic health record software has been found to improve yearly efficiency by as high as 6%, making for satisfied customers and more productive nurses. No matter your demand, EHR software is a diverse and powerful system capable of handling any challenge that comes your way. Seek out your local electronic medical record software providers and get yourself and your business on the right track today.