Los angeles hair transplant clinic

Is your hair rapidly disappearing? If it is, then perhaps it’s time to look for some ways to rectify that problem. Read on for more hair replacement information.

FUE, which stands for follicular unit extraction is a process by which hair transplants are made. This is great news for those men and women out there who are suffering from hair loss and need an solution — fast.

Basically, follicular units are those that naturally occur in groups of one to four hairs, which is very important for hair transplantation. Sometimes grouping can be even larger. During the FUE hair transplant process, individual follicular units are harvests, using a tiny instrument that is often as small as .7 millimeters. The device makes a very small circular incision, isolating the graft. Then it is extracted using a tweezer-like instrument, and technicians work hard to keep it in optimum conditions

The grafts are then placed on the area where more hair is desired. Since this is an invasive procedure, there is an expected healing time. This healing time is dependent on the subject and their skin and hair type but can range anywhere from one day to several days.

There is another popular procedure that people with hair loss should consider — FUSS, which stands for follicular unit strip surgery, in which a strip of scalp from a non-balding area is surgically removed, and then placed in incision where hair growth is desired. It is more invasive than FUE, and has a higher complication rate, but might actually work better for some people.

If you are considering either of these options, it is important that you see a hair loss specialist to consult about hair replacement and hair restoration. Hair replacement could be the answer for many people suffering from hair loss, giving them many more years with a full and healthy head of hair. The risk of complications and scarring isn’t to be taken lightly, however, and each patient must weigh the benefits of their decisions when they make it.

Make sure to do thorough research when making these life changing decisions!