Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin A, which means it poses no risks when used properly, but offers many benefits to the user. This injectable serum works to block the nerves that cause the muscles to contract causing wrinkles. Essentially the Botox paralyzes the muscles under the skin forcing them to smooth out. The visual effect is that wrinkles appear softer and less defined making the patient appear more youthful.

Botox surgery is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery and is often offered through medical spas or get together called Botox parties. There are over six million Botox treatments administered each year with the number increasing each year. Botox is considered by experts to be the most effective option for wrinkles. The visual effect of Botox can last up to four months providing patients with long-lasting effects.

Botox surgery is relatively painless, particularly compared to other more invasive plastic surgery options. Some users report mild side effects including bruising at the injection sight and headaches. Even these rather mild side effects are not particularly common. The risks of Botox are minimal and the recover time is almost non-existent. The benefits of Botox over surgical options such as a face lift are monumental.

Botox is effective at more than just reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It has also been found effective in reducing excessive sweating, migraines, muscular disorders, as well as some bladder or bowel disorders. It has also been used to treat severe neck and shoulder muscle spasms, crossed eyes, post-stroke limb spasticity, and hemifacial spasms. Interestingly, it was while providing Botox for wrinkles that doctors discovered the positive impact it had on eliminating migraines.

The Botulinum toxin is in the form of a powder that is then diluted with saline and injected into the tissue. The visual impact can be seen within 24-72 hours of the injection. In rare cases, it may take longer, but that is extremely uncommon. Although it is important to consult a physician before any procedure, Botox is considered a highly safe option.

While Botox surgery was traditionally used by women, it has grown in popularity among male patients as well looking for a non-surgical option for a younger appearance. The age-defying market has grown considerable as more and more people are attempting to fight the visual signs of aging. At one time, age-defying options such as Botox were reserved for those with clear financial means. However, as the use and popularity of Botox has grown, the cost has been driven down making it more accessible and affordable to more people.

As mentioned, patients no longer must go through a doctor or plastic surgeon to get Botox treatments. They are available through medical spas and can be offered as part of the spa treatments. However, it is important to only go through a certified provider as Botox is still considered a medical procedure and still carries risks even if they are minimal.

Similarly to other plastic surgery options, Botox surgery can provide a needed boost in the patient’s self-image and self-esteem. There are growing concerns in current society about aging, looking older, and becoming irrelevant. Youth is closely associated with beauty and the quest for youth is often translated into a quest for beauty.

Wrinkles are a clear sign of aging and the more wrinkles someone has, the older they will appear. However, not everyone can afford plastic surgery options or want to pursue invasive options, which leaves them with non-invasive options including Botox.

If looking for a non-invasive and affordable anti-aging option that offers almost immediate results, Botox is the best option.