The worldwide market for men’s grooming is much bigger than some may expect, and it offers a huge range of products for today’s men around the globe to get a high quality trim or shave on facial hair, keep skin healthy, wash and rejuvenate hair, and keep body odor at bay. Shaving cream, razors, aftershave, skin care cream for bags under the eyes, and much more can be found for today’s man who wants to look his best, and mens hair shampoo and mens shaving oil and other supplies can round out any consumer’s inventory of skin and beard care. Even body powder for guys has proven popular, and it can get results.

Who Needs Shaving Cream and Grooming?

The short answer: lots of men. The market’s size reflects this; by the year 2024, the worldwide male grooming market is expected to hit $29.14 billion USD in value, and similarly, the men’s personal care market is due to garner $166 billion by 2022, and it’s growing at a CAGR of around 5.4% from 2016 to 2022. A Statistica survey shows that 18% of all respondents said that they use beard care products on a daily basis, and seeing how 39% of American men now have facial hair (up 15% from five years ago), this is not surprising to see. Mens shampoo and other products are popular, too; Statistica also shows that 57% of American men aged 30-59 years old reported using shampoo every day, and 78% of respondents said that they use deodorants daily. And while more men than ever opt out of shaving (20% among all age groups), plenty still do, and some men also shave the hair on top of their head using traditional methods for a smooth, clean look on their scalp. What products can be used, and how?

Grooming Gear

Shaving cream, a good razor, aftershave, and pre-shave oil, and optionally a shaving brush, should all be in any man’s shaving kit. To begin, he should apply warm water to his cheeks and jaw and apply pre-shave oil to help prevent razor burn, and if he has one, he can also use a specialized small brush (which often has horse hair bristles) to use in a swirling motion. This helps the whiskers stand upright and in the same direction, so they will shave off more easily. Then, the man applies his shaving cream to all facial hair, and once ready, he positions the razor at his temples and guides it down to the jaw in a smooth, careful motion, cutting whiskers as he goes. After every such stroke, the shaver should empty out the razor with warm water so hairs do not clog the razor, and the man can keep shaving like this until his jaw and cheeks are clean. Aftershave can now be applied to further prevent razor burn as well as give the shaver a fresh, clean scent. Those men who shave their heads this way can use similar methods, but will need extra mirrors so he can see behind his head and not miss anything.

Deodorant is a simple staple of any man’s basic grooming and hygiene, applying it to the underarms as needed, especially before physical exertion or other times when sweating can be expected. Deodorants may vary on strength and scent, too. Men’s shampoo will clean out the hair of all grease and dirt, while also clearing out dandruff and giving his hair a fresh and clean scent that is bound to please others (such as a romantic partner). Skin care is another arena men should consider; eye cream can help fend off unsightly bags under the eyes, and moisturizers can keep skin from becoming dry, irritated, or ashy. Finally, body powder can function like an all-body deodorant stick, and this powder will absorb any skin moisture like sweat to prevent odor-causing bacteria from populating. Talc and other powders have been used for this purpose since the days of the Roman Empire, but these powders sometimes had dangerous elements in them or formed unpleasant pastes after they absorbed a certain amount of water. Modern body powders will not have these issues.