Alcohol abuse

Addiction seems like an individual problem until you look at the numbers. Rather surprisingly, Canadians have some of the highest rates of drug and alcohol addiction in the world. When a problem reaches this scale, the causes are no longer to be found in individual weakness or bad choices. And it’s difficult, if not impossible, for an individual to beat addiction alone. Professional drug rehab can help people get their lives and health back on track. Alcohol addiction treatment includes choices like private rehab, which has many advantages.

Addiction is a widespread problem
According to a study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canadians drink way more than the global average – more than 50% above the global average. The number of Canadians suffering from a mental health or addiction problem is one in five. Not only are the numbers alarming, so are the consequences.
Substance abuse leads to 47,000 deaths in Canada each year. Alcohol addiction is equally dangerous, and alcohol is now the third leading cause of disease and injury worldwide. Addiction does discriminate, and drug abuse is 54% more likely to kill female addicts prematurely.

Finding a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program
Substance abuse and addiction are thus a problem for society at large as much as they are for individuals and families, costing the Canadian health system $8 billion. And it is nearly impossible for individuals to beat addiction alone, even with help and support from family and friends.

What are the advantages of a private rehab program?
Privet drug rehab centers have many advantages that lead people to pick them over government run programs in hospitals. Private drug and alcohol addiction treatment offers greater privacy and comfort, a recovery process that focuses on physical and emotional wellness, a healthy diet and follow up care. Perhaps best of all, there is no long waiting list for a bed. So once the individual has made the decision to seek residential treatment, the program can begin at once.
Consider the advantages of private inpatient drug rehab:

  • No waiting or delays
    It can be a difficult decision for individuals to seek help for their addiction problems. Once the decision has been made, it’s best to begin treatment as quickly as possible. But beds in government run treatment programs are not always available, and the delays can be harmful for a number of reasons: the individual’s physical or mental health may deteriorate, they may change their minds, complications may set in. With private inpatient treatment, there is no waiting and treatment can begin immediately.
  • Greater privacy in comfortable and serene surroundings
    Private rehab centres offer private rooms in peaceful surroundings. Many have amenities like swimming pools, saunas and Turkish steam baths, golf, luxurious furnishings, satellite television, yoga classes and a gym.
  • A healthy diet
    Private rehab programs treat the body, mind and spirit. For the duration of the treatment, healthy and nourishing meals are provided, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Dietitians will also instruct patient on how to maintain a healthy diet once they return home.
  • Follow up through aftercare programs
    Even after going through the entire recovery process, people are still at risk of a relapse. Private rehab centres are aware of this and many will offer free lifetime aftercare. Not only is this a guarantee of the success of the program, it provides a lifeline to patients who may be in danger of a relapse. They also offer remote, online therapy for patients who have travelled from beyond the immediate service area.

Drug and alcohol addictions can be beat, but it takes professional help and intervention. Private rehab programs are a popular choice for drug and alcohol addiction treatment a number of reasons, including privacy, comfort and follow up care.