Drug addiction is a major problem all over the world — a problem that damages lives and relationships and has the potential to fill lives with sorrow and suffering. In Mexico alone, over 40% of people between ages of 12 and 25 are exposed to drugs, among which 13% fall victim to a drug habit. It is a serious problem which needs to be met head-on, but as of now there are very few options for mainstream treatment that are available for those who have become addicted to some form of stimulant or the other.

In this scenario, Ibogaine is considered by many as a welcome development. It is an alkaloid used for medicinal purposes, and has been well-documented in recent times as an agent that helps with detox and has a number of positive effects when it comes to relieving addiction. Sourced from the root of the indigenous Iboga bush found in many African countries, Ibogaine therapy has been known to show considerable benefits when it comes to treating cases of addiction.

The Facts

Ibogaine is in itself a hallucinogen which is known to cause a state of intense reflection and act as an addiction interrupter by bringing people closer to their mental vulnerabilities and needs. Administering Ibogaine addiction treatment creates a state of mind where the conscious and subconscious merge and are available for reflecting on while subjects are awake and aware. Ibogaine treatment also involves using this chemical for its soothing effect on people who are getting through the rigors of withdrawal, and has been known to help alleviate many of the typical symptoms that trouble people and force them to keep up with their habit.

The Implications

The positive effects of Ibogaine treatment programs have been vindicated by numerous research initiatives, and it has also proved to be a popular choice among highly functional and active people who want to become drug-free. Currently, there are a select few Ibogaine treatment centers where Ibogaine detox is administered. Some studies even show that the use of Ibogaine detox can alleviate the need to abuse drugs for up to 96 hours after last consumption.

This, of course, it a step in the right direction when it comes to getting rid of the immense number of problems drug addiction pose to society as a whole. With time, it is prudent to hope that this form of treatment with help many others kick the habit and get back to normal life.