Human beings are not only physically capable animals, but the human race is in fact designed to move every day and get a workout. This is a holdover from the pre-historic days, when hominids chased game animals across Africa for their food (as opposed to fruit-eating, tree-dwelling apes). Today, a lot of labor is automated and no one is chasing their dinner, but the human body still needs exercise. An unfortunate trend is that many Americans are in fact not getting their recommended levels of daily or weekly exercise. Kids and adults are often sedentary, and this negatively impacts their health. However, gyms in Texas and beyond are a fine place for exercise, and group fitness or hiring a personal trainer can be done. A person in Texas may look for local gyms online, such as “gyms in fort worth tx.” A more specialized search may be done to find something in particular, such as “gyms in fort worth tx with a pool” or “gyms in fort worth tx for seniors.” Finding these gyms in Fort Worth TX or beyond is a fine way to get in shape.

Americans and Exercise

The unfortunate trend today is that many kids and adults alike are not meeting the guidelines that the American Heart Association or CDC are setting. These are not even overly strict guidelines, either; they often just call for 30 minutes of exercise per day, several days per week. In fact, jut over 80% of all American adults don’t meet the set guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, but a person is advised to alter their lifestyle to go against this trend. What’s the cause for this? Often, kids and adults are spending too much time using electronic screens during the day, even spending hours on games or Internet surfing. Kids do this instead of playing outside, and they even use the computer for hours per day on week days. Adults, meanwhile, have sedentary desk jobs and then come back home and sit in front of the TV or use the computer for themselves. This is a problem because a lack of exercise can result in weight gain, and this can also lead to sleep issues and mood disorders. And kids in particular need exercise to develop gross motor skills and enhance their mental development.


Another factor in rising obesity rates are the diets of many people. Whole and organic food is often sidelined in favor of fast food and processed foods, which have become much more common since the 1970s. These foods have a lot of added sugars and fats in them, which makes them taste better but at the cost of a lot of extra calories being ingested. This leads to rapid weight gain when paired with sedentary lifestyles, and it shows in current obesity trends. Obesity has been known to increase risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. The good news is that nearly anyone can change their diet for the better, and any able-bodied person can start an exercise routine at gyms or sports fields.

A Good Workout

Many Americans have gym memberships, and many more may be interested in getting one, especially if a local gym offers an interesting class or training routine. As mentioned above, a client may search for something in particular, nearby, such as “gyms in fort worth tx with barbell classes” or “fitness centers for seniors” and see what is found nearby. At some gyms, patrons may use weights or exercise machines, and in other cases, a person may hire a personal trainer. These trainers charge by the hour (typically), but they will know how to set up and guide a client through an effective and safe workout routine for maximum results, no matter the client’s sex, age, or body type.

What else might a gym offer? A gym member might take part in a spin class, or they may even take martial arts classes. A patron doesn’t have to be a black belt to get something out of this, since martial arts at any level are a fun way to burn calories, build muscle, and learn a new skill. Many muscle groups will be worked out, and the martial arts can double as self-defense in everyday life.