great hobbies for retirees

Living a life free from the day in and out jobs, scheduled meetings, or limited time might sound like a dream come true. Retirement allows you to spend your life and time exploring what you enjoy doing. However, it becomes a challenge when you get bored. As a retiree, you have the chance to navigate various great hobbies for retirees that promotes your wellness, such as socializing, traveling, exercise, sports activities, creativity, swimming, cooking, and gardening, or join the free community services like tree planting. Below we have discussed some of the great hobbies for retirees you should not miss.

Hobbies for Athletic Retirees

Athletes are the most affected people when it comes to retirement. They experience difficulties in transitioning from what they had dedicated their life doing. To achieve their goals, athletes may sacrifice their personal life, romantic relationship, spend most time away from families, and spend a lot of funds. When it is time to bring their careers to an end, they may suffer depression. Also, they find it difficult to accept the loss, which results in insecurities or anxiety. However, as an athlete, making upfront retirement plans is essential. It enables you to adapt to the new life and enjoy trying new things. You will also overcome the stereotype and seek services from support teams. If you retire with an injury, you can also visit a pain management clinic for assistance. Common athletic hobbies include:

Joining a Golfing Club

Golfing is a simple sport that requires more patience and precision. You can join a golfing club near you to learn and participate in golf tournaments. Spending time with like-minded people helps a retiree overcome stress and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It also gives the chance to enjoy the conducive environment while you get the same respect accorded to golfers. If you continue winning golfing tournaments, you will still maintain that limelight lifestyle.

Become a Sport Spectator

Every athlete enjoys a particular sport and has a team that he/she supports. It can be wrestling, football, or baseball. After retirement, you have enough time to join other supporters in the field and support your team. Being a spectator allows you to meet new people and create new friends. You can also watch the game on television and still enjoy it.

Hobbies for Creative Retirees

Being creative is coming up with something unique and meaningful. As a retiree, you can start a creative hobby by focusing on what you enjoy and love doing. In a nutshell, follow your passion. Creative hobby ignites your mind and soul naturally. Besides getting rid of the loneliness and sadness, some creative hobbies help you earn extra cash. Common creative and great hobbies for retirees include:

Homemade soap making

A simple process involves learning the arrays of ingredients, best soap making equipment, and mixing them accurately. Easy soap recipes include herbal, flower, and tree oil. Retirees can also learn various methods of making soap, such as the cold or hot process method. They can make soap for personal use or business purposes. Soap ingredients have chemicals. It is vital to follow the safety guidelines provided.


Scrapbooking is also another common hobby suitable for adults. It involves arranging and keeping your old tickets or pictures together in an organized manner. Besides keeping your drawers clean, it ignites the beautiful memories you had in the past. Other creative hobbies include homemade candle making, collage art, writing, and drawing.


There are numerous tutorial videos offering knitting classes that you can do in the comfort of your home. If you have a passion for knitting, you will learn faster and easier. After retiring, you can make children sweaters, socks, or caps and sell them around your neighborhood at a cost-friendly price. If your products are appealing, they will attract more clients hence more money-making.

Hobbies for Food Loving Retirees

Having a food-loving hobby does not necessarily mean you are a foodie but someone who enjoys kitchen adventures. Food brings family members together and strengthens the bond. When you mention food, the only thing that strikes everyone’s mind is cooking. Moreover, it involves a lot of activities such as:


Cooking is both an art and a necessity that enhances a healthy lifestyle. As a retiree, you have enough time to prepare a healthy and delicious dinner for your family. You only need little spices and the available foodstuffs like vegetables or meat. Also, if you have a garden, you can plant vegetables or fruits to save on costs while simultaneously eating healthy food. If cooking is your hobby, you can prepare any meal and nail it on the first trial. You can also transform the cooking skills into a business. The secret is to start with simple recipes and advance while gaining more experience. You can find an array of recipes on YouTube channels, blogs, or Google.

Alcohol Mixing

Other great hobbies for retirees who are food enthusiasts include alcohol mixing. Take advantage of the available alcohols in your home bar and prepare different types of cocktails for your family, friends, or for sale but ensure you mix alcohol with low sugar to help reduce blood sugar level, especially when having blood sugar problems. You can also attend winemaking or cooking classes to expand your skills.


Baking is an art that requires creative skills to achieve what you want. However, you can begin baking cakes, bread, or dough at home with a little knowledge and a recipe. As you continue to learn, you can expand your skills in making birthday or wedding cakes. Learn how to bake through YouTube tutorials or research various recipes on Google.

Hobbies for Outdoorsy Retirees

After spending your entire life working, it is now time to enjoy your unlimited leisure moments with the myriad of outdoor activities suitable for elderly people to stay physically and mentally active. They will never get bored, lonely, or develop depression. Some outdoor hobbies include:


You can start home gardening in your backyard for fruits, vegetables, flowers, or tree planting. Gardening promotes healthy exercise and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. Planting vegetables in a small square space around your home will save you on cost and promote healthy eating of organic foods. The feeling of seeing the seeds germinating to plants and later harvesting will encourage you to continue with the practice.

Fish Keeping

Fishkeeping is among the common great hobbies for retirees that started a long time ago. Although it is a bit pricey, the practice is fun and worth the struggle. You can spend your entire day attending to the fishes and avoid experiencing the sadness or anxiety caused by the loss. Begin with keeping goldfish, then advance to the large aquarium or more exotic fishes.


The new technology of guns replaced the ancient bow and arrow used for hunting or protection. Archery-making requires more of your attention and a focused mind. The hobby requires less experience and time to start at your home comfortably. As you continue to grow the interest, you can visit archery parks to learn more. Other outdoor great hobbies for retirees include hiking, pet caring, beekeeping, or poultry farming.

Hobbies for Technology Enthusiast Retirees

Today, the world has advanced, and everything is about technology. As a technology enthusiast, take advantage of the affordable online classes and learn the benefits of avoiding being left behind after retirement. Besides connecting with various like-minded people, it helps you learn new skills and ideas. Common great hobbies for retirees who embrace technology include:

Social Media

Social media help connect people from different parts of the world through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. As a retiree, you can start an online job, for instance, clothes selling business. The platforms are suitable for marketing. By opening marketing pages or selling in groups, you can attract many consumers.


YouTube is an excellent platform for marketing and learning. You can open a YouTube channel and advertise your products or offer tutorial classes in beauty, fashion, cooking, or health and fitness. With great videos, you can attract huge followers and views. Also, learn about the services provided by your competitors or other people to gain more skills and experiences.

Hobbies for Fitness Lover Retirees

Who does not want to keep fit? Now that you have retired, you have all the time in the world to stay fit and maintain healthy living. It is time to attend gym classes or eating nutritious food to avoid additional weight. It also saves you from developing a chronic illness such as back pains. It is essential to participate in these great hobbies for retirees for fitness purposes.

Attend Yoga Classes

Yoga helps in mental relaxation and stress relief. The exercise features gentle and slow movements suitable for retirees. You are less likely to incur injuries but promote strong and healthy living. Also, help in weight reduction. Although there are many videos on the internet offering yoga lessons, it is vital to seek an instructor’s services as a beginner. After learning, you can do them at home.

Join Dancing Classes

Dancing classes are not only fun but offer you the ability to keep fit. Many older people fear dancing; they believe it is an activity for younger people. Online platforms provide countless dancing classes from Zumba, salsa, or line dancing. You can choose one that suits you and practice it to the core. Also, join the dancing classes near you. Besides learning, you will again meet new people who share your views.

Start Visiting the Gym

Gyms come with various beneficial factors. You will get assistance from professionals and meet people who want to get in the right shape like you. Take 30 to 60 minutes daily in a gym, and after some time, you will eliminate that fat. Do not break your bones trying to do sit-ups or planks. An instructor will guide you on the type of exercise suitable for your age.


Swimming helps active retirees to maintain fitness. A swimming instructor will guide you on various swimming techniques such as backstroke. It is a low-impact fitness exercise that leaves you physically fit.

Hobbies for Charitable Retirees

After retiring, you can contact your local church, orphanages, hospitals, prisons, schools, children’s homes, and homes for the elderly to seek out volunteer opportunities. Volunteering enables you to give back to the community while learning new skills and ideas. As a retiree, you will engage in various activities that will stop you from thinking about your former job. You can also engage in activities related to what you were doing before. As a volunteer, you can practice the below great hobbies for retirees.

Mentoring Children at Schools

With the increasing number of crime rates and poor behaviors, young adults should attend mentoring classes. After retirement, you can visit the various school and offer guidance and counseling lessons to the children.

Visiting Children and Elderly Homes

Organize with other church members or community members to take basic needs to the children or elderly. Most children suffer from rejection if they have no parents to offer them a shoulder. You can choose to become a foster parent to a child at the children’s home. Also, elderly people in a nursing home feel neglected if no one is visiting them. It is good to create time to spend with them.

Participate in Fundraising

Participate in fundraising, especially in a non-profit organization, to help them carry on with their services. You can always raise money through baking, cooking, or fruit selling organized by the community. Fundraising enables you to smile on someone else’s face and meet new friends.

Retirement comes with several challenges, especially if you have not to plan. Moreover, if you accept and adapt to it is more enjoyable. You will get the chance to experience the great hobbies for retirees such as learning new ideas, make new friends and live a healthy lifestyle. Also, you can earn extra cash besides the retirement benefit.