Like any difficult decision, choosing a reliable orthodontist requires a lot of knowledge and research. It is important to consider the different variables involved, as well as what steps should be taken to find one that works best for you or your family.

The first is time. When considering an orthodontist, it is important to factor in when they would be able to actually book the appointment and see you.

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If it is for emergency work, finding one who can take you right away is crucial. The longer the wait, the worse the damage can be.

Next is the reputation the office has. Ask for referrals from friends and family to see what orthodontists in the area are like. Search for online reviews can also be a valuable tool, as many sites will post reviews from people who have visited the office.

Check to see if the results are guaranteed. Offices with this will help to cover the cost of any unforeseen complications arising after their work is done. If you go to an office without this, the cost of extra work needed will fall solely on you.

For additional information on how to find a reliable orthodontist, please review the attached video.