Electromagnetic radiation protection

By now, you have likely heard of radiation dangers, and the dangers of using too much technology. But have you connected those two dangers to each other? Every piece of technology you use, whether it’s a cell phone or a microwave, emits some level of radiation. While each device emits a different level, the dangers are the same, and prolonged exposure can have many health risks.

The biggest problem when it comes to EMF dangers is that because they are generally unseen, no one pays attention. The mainstream media only covers radiation when it is in the form of large nuclear meltdowns, like the recent Fukushima disaster. But every single day, we are swimming in a technology soup and we are often exposed without even registering the fact since we’re so used to technology.

A big issue within this topic is the placement of cell towers on campuses with young children. Since these placements are often near schools or daycare centers, children are being exposed to 1,000 times more RF exposure than they were 20 or 25 years ago. Even back in 2007, it was said that the regulations on EMF were not enough to keep the public safe. Earlier this year, in May 2015, 190 scientists coming from 40 different countries called upon the United Nations and the World Health Organization to provide protection. That protection means more regulations on radio frequencies from wireless devices, microwaves, and other issues found with electricity.

The are many ways to block EMF if you are looking to protect yourself. Laptop radiation shields and cordless phone radiation blockers are two very popular ones, but there are also general EMF blockers out there as well. These will protect you and allow you to use technology without the dire effects. The problem in our society is that since we are so integrated with technology, it’s nearly impossible to get away, so EMF blockers and other ways to block EMF are important.

Will you be investing in any EMF blockers? What are your thoughts on the issues we face?