It’s no secret that skin care routines vary from person to person. You may have a step-by-step routine that you follows every single morning, or you may simply wash your face when you take a shower. There are a plethora of companies purely devoted to mass-producing more and more different skin care products, as well as endless choices when it comes to moisturizers and cleansers.

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However, how do you know that any of these products are actually making a difference on your skin? How much skin care is too much? In this video, we will take a look at what factors you should examine to determine if your skin care routine is too much.

When it comes to cleansing tools and brushes, many of the over-the-counter tools you see often cause more harm than good. Brushes can cause scratching and cracking in the skin, so pay careful attention to how much pressure you are putting on your facial brush. Next, pore strips are generally disliked in the medical community. They are often used on the wrong types of blackheads, and can cause stinging and harmful effects on the face. Finally, jade rollers have nothing wrong with them, but they don’t really do much for your skin.