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Causes of infertility in women are varied and can be difficult to pinpoint. But, as technology moves forward we find more effective ways of handling it: intra-uterine insemination, assisted reproductive technology, in vitro fertilization (IVF), medicines and surgeries have all increased the chances of conception.
Generally, women between 18 and 35 are considered of child-bearing age. If a woman falls within those parameters, it’s recommended that she try for up to a year to conceive before turning to doctors for alternative methods. Many women feel like they’re playing beat-the-clock with menopause, but the reality is that the mean age for menopause is 51, though plenty of women experience it earlier than that. Some women experience irregular menstrual cycles as the first stages of menopause; this is called perimenopause.
In vitro fertilization tends to be expensive, but there is a quiet movement within the medical community attempting to bring the price down and make it a more accessible solution for couples that desire to have a family.
Recent advancements with regard to in vitro fertilization include a new technology called LifeAire Systems, which can be used to regulate the presence of airborne pathogens that can effect the outcomes of ivf attempts. Apparently, by utilizing LifeAire Systems, a greater control is achieved regarding the efficiency of ivf; statistics reported by Marketwired just last month report an overall 11% jump in clinical pregnancy rates achieved via in vitro fertilization with LifeAire and a 12% decrease is loss/miscarriage rates.
The science behind LifeAire Systems was based on a leading embryologists findings that linked in vitro fertilization outcomes with exposure to certain airborne pathogens that were not otherwise regulated by standard air filtration systems.
Many other infertility solutions exist besides ivf, but womens health can impact their effectiveness. By making ivf a more stabilized process, larger numbers of women may have greater success with it than some of the other options.