Skin tightening the woodlands

Everyone knows that staying healthy involves eating right and exercising, but you can’t have a healthy body if you don’t take care of your skin! Your skin is the largest, and one of the most important organs you have, so it makes sense that living a healthy life involves proper skin care.

All skin is different and needs to be treated as such. Some people have oily skin, and others have dry skin. Skin disorders are common as well, with acne affecting nearly 50 million people in the United States alone. Nearly 85% of adults have had acne at some point in their lives, making it the most common skin disorder in the world. Another common skin problem is the appearance of varicose veins, which are large, twisted veins that commonly occur in the legs and feet.

While there are infinite numbers of skin problems, the good news is that there are solutions to save your skin! Among the most commonly treated skin disorders are acne, and sun damage. The most common sun damage repair treatments are photofacials. These involve an intense pulsing light to help skin that suffers from sun damage or excessive redness. Acne and sun damage are big causes of redness and discoloration, especially around the facial area. Photofacials have become popular and effective treatment options for these skin issues, and can reduce scars and wrinkles on the face.

But discoloration is not the only problem that people seek to solve in their skin. Laser hair removal and botox injections are also popular skin care methods. As people age, the skin around the face especially starts to shrink and lose elasticity. This can cause hollow, flat cheeks, or thinning lips. Botox injections last an average of four months, and are performed on nearly 6.1 million people annually.

In 2011, Americans alone spent nearly $10 billion on cosmetic procedures. These range from laser hair removal to plastic surgery, but the fact remains: people are obsessed with appearance and healthy looking skin. The three most important things to remember about skin care are stay hydrated, eat healthy, and use sunscreen! Don’t let your skin fall to the wayside of your fitness routine. You wouldn’t skip leg day, would you? Then don’t skip out on your skin!