Dr Amy Barko explains that the hammertoe surgery in this video is easier than traditional hammertoe surgery. This procedure is also said to be safe to perform on any patient, diabetics included.

The doctor uses a cold spray and a numbing injection to perform the surgery.

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Before surgery, the patient’s foot is treated with cold spray. The toe is gently poked with the syringe and the numbing agent is injected.

A small-sized injection opens up the possibility of performing this surgery on two toes at the same time. This varies from patient to patient.

A final check is done on the toe to see if the anesthesia has set in. Once the toe is completely numb, a “6G2” blade is used to make a small incision on the bottom.

Once the blade is inserted, the cutting of the fibers creates a cracking sound. A bleeding toe indicates drainage.
The blade is removed and a three-by-three gauze is applied to the toe while bending it into the corrected position.

A second swipe inside the toe ensures that all the fibers have been cut.

After the surgery, the foot is placed in a surgical shoe.