Memorial urgent care

Urgent care centers have been growing throughout the country, exponentially, with more and more people choosing urgent care facilities over their own doctors or ER visits. Still, many people remain slightly skeptical of memorial urgent cares and aren’t fully aware of the services that they offer. If you want to learn more about the benefits of opting for memorial urgent care services, check out the below facts about visiting an urgent care clinic:

The Truth About Memorial Urgent Care Centers

Many people believe that urgent care facilities provide a lower value of healthcare than doctor’s offices or hospitals. However, many people are unaware that around half of all urgent cares are owned by a doctor or group of physicians, showing that these centers do provide high quality care. And, over 20% of all urgent care centers experience over 450 patient visits a week, showing the large amount of trust people do have in memorial urgent care centers.

Lower wait times are another bonus that urgent cares offer. More than half of all urgent cares boast a 15 minute or less wait time, and over 60% ensure a physician is onsite at all times. This can end up saving you a ton of time waiting at the ER for an x-ray, ultrasound, or other test you cannot get from your local doctor. Plus, urgent cares are much more affordable than trips to the emergency room, saving you not only time, but also, hard-earned money.

Memorial urgent cares are also extremely convenient, with more locations than many hospitals, making it easy to pop in for a sinus infection treatment on your lunch break, to get a physical after your kids are out of school, or to get your flu shot before work.

Memorial urgent cares are increasing in popularity, and it is easy to see why. With the same level of trust between doctors and patients that is exhibited in hospitals or doctor’s offices, urgent cares are providing effective solutions for patients, while saving them time and money, and offering immediate care.