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Your kid is sick and the doctor’s office is closed. They’re not in so much pain they need to go to the emergency room, but their fever is unusually high. What do you do?

Pediatric urgent care will make sure you never have to worry about juggling your child’s health and medical bills again. Providing convenient care with an affordable cost, urgent care medicine is a fast growing field of medicine in today’s turbulent America. Each clinic will provide the medical resources and attentive staff necessary to treat minor to moderate injuries and illnesses alike. Even preventative care, such as flu shots and check-ups, can be done at a family urgent care center through a simple walk-in and sign-up process. Still not sure how it works?

This list will break down the function of pediatric urgent care and how it supplements your child’s insurance.

Did You Know?

Before you start looking up ‘closest urgent care to my location’, brush up on the state of American healthcare with these statistics. Every year Americans will come down with a collective one billion colds. The average child, however, catches between six to 10 in a year. Five out of every six children will also have at least one ear infection before they reach three years old. It seems every month brings its own host of issues, all of which are unwelcome to an already frazzled and overworked parent. Can pediatric urgent care really help?

Colds And Fevers

One of the best things about nearby urgent care is the convenience. Nearly 60% of all urgent care centers have a wait time of 15 minutes or less, meaning you and your sick child will be in and out before you both know it. Colds are easily spread through poor habits, like sneezing without covering one’s mouth, and can become worse in an already compromised immune system. Any fever that’s unusually high and doesn’t seem to be lowering should be taken straight to an urgent care near your home.

Stomach Pain And Nausea

Is your child complaining of non-stop stomach pain? Are they throwing up or feeling like they’re about to? Dizziness and abdominal pain are some of the most frequent issues brought to pediatric urgent care, doubly frustrating for their vague symptoms but very real pain. Over 65% of urgent care centers have a physician on-site at all times, so you can stay rest assured one of the many professionals nearby will have treatment or pain medication to encourage a fast recovery.

Cuts And Burns

Cuts and burns are scary. They can become infected easily and put your child in a bad position to recover quickly, stressing everyone out into a tizzy…thankfully, pediatric urgent care is more than equipped to handle the situation. It’s thought as many as three million patients will visit urgent care centers each week, thanks to data provided by the Urgent Care Association Of America. Should your child come to you with an injury make sure to keep them calm and drop by an urgent care nearby.

Preventative Care And Check-Ups

Preventative care is just as important as taking your child to the pediatric urgent care center when they’re feeling woozy. Doctors and nurse practitioners alike can provide you with basic resources to keep your child from returning again and again, such as a yearly flu shot or a simple check-up to ensure their blood pressure is sound. Ear infections are especially frustrating, often getting worse when left unchecked and even causing hearing loss in worst case scenarios. Data provided by the NHIS showed over 8% of American children suffer from regular hay fever, to boot.

Rain or shine, stomach trouble or high fever, pediatric urgent care is there.