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Healthy eyes are important for overall health and lasting vision. Optometrists are doctors for the eyes, and this video breaks down more of who they are and what they do.

Optometrists check the health of your eyes and can make diagnoses and prescriptions in the case of a problem. To more fully understand what an optometrist does, we’ll go over an example of a typical optometrist appointment.

Optometrist appointments start off similarly to other doctors’ appointments, with simple questions on overall health and the measuring of your vital signs. The optometrist will also ask if you are experiencing any symptoms of issues related to your eyes and if you wear corrective lenses.

Optometrists make use of a variety of tests and equipment to see how good your vision and eye coordination is. This will help them to see if you may need glasses or changes in prescription.

Optometrists can prescribe and craft your eyeglasses, or order a prescription of contact lenses. They will also look for signs of disease, like cataracts or diabetes. They can refer you to other specialists for more acute problems.

Now you have some idea of what an optometrist is, so make an appointment to have your eyes checked!