Extra long neck heat pad

Pain is annoying, distracting, and unpleasant. It comes from all sorts of places, whether you’re out playing sports, slept in a strange position, or just picked up your cup of coffee wrong. Little (and bigger) pains can be a nagging nuisance, the fix to which often needs to go beyond the six-ish hour patch up of medication.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with a couple temperature extremes that are used daily to alleviate aches and pains of all sorts: cold and hot. The benefits of each pain relief temperature vary between different types of injury/pain, but let’s look at bodily aches and the healing power of cold therapy.

Stay Limber

Accidental injuries are unpredictable, but one way to avoid injury altogether is consistent stretching. Exercise is one of the main pillars of staying healthy. It’s also one of the main causes of accidental injury. Too many physically active folks get into the workout without properly preparing their bodies first. Stretching before and after exercise will ease stress put on your muscles during an intense workout.

But, don’t be deceived! Even the exercises that seem to have minimal physical strain require the same amount of attention.

Freeze Those Aches

Cold therapy has been associated with injury for a long time. Remember when you got a good bump as a kid and a parent slapped a frozen bag of peas on it. That was your initiation to curing hurts with cold. While bags of freezer veggies get the job done in a pinch, there are more effective ways to enact the benefits of cold therapy.

Using modern ergonomic comforts, new implementations of cold therapy have been on the rise and provide the best parts of the old adage, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Sleeping with a bag of frozen veggies bound to your swollen ankle doesn’t make for the most comfortable pain relief.

Sunny Bay provides products through their line–Sunshine Pillow–that revolutionize the way injury and pain treatment are applied. These include ice packs and cold therapy remedies made from soft fabrics with straps that can comfortably compress the affected areas while you sleep. This maximizes RICE time in comfort, giving your injury the optimum window to heal.

Whether it’s muscle tension, exercise overexertion, or just a random ache, the power of cold therapy is there to freeze your pain away. Toss those peas back in the freezer and get comfortably cool.