Verrucous acanthoma

When seeking out the best skin care options, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Acne treatment is dependent on a lot of factors, including (but not limited to) stress, diet, genetics, etc. But the best skin care options you can take advantage of right now can help you take the mystery out of your breakouts. Here’s what to try:

Pay more attention – This is pretty general. “To what?” You may be asking. There are a few answers. Watching your diet, and what kind of foods you may be missing, can help you clear up what’s been preventing your clear skin. It also helps to keep an eye on how often you’re touching your face. Contact with your hands can spread any of the dirt and oil that’s been collecting on them, and avoiding your face can help stop that debris from building up in your pores. Also: if you have back acne, pay more attention to how the products you use in your hair can be contributing to your skin’s problems.

Pay less attention – Huh? How can I pay less attention when I’m supposed to be paying more attention? The solution lies in picking your battles, not your zits. Pay less attention to your individual breakouts, i.e. piling concealer on top of them or trying to pop them. Picking at your skin can cause serious acne scars, which can be even harder to treat than the actual zits. The best skin care option you have is to avoid focusing too much on your breakouts, because it’ll only make you obsess and pick and poke even more.

If you’ve been making changes to your routine and still haven’t seen an improvement in your acne, make sure you consult with a dermatologist to find the best skin care options available to you.