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Athletes need regular sports physicals in order to stay at peak condition and prevent injuries. This video breaks down why athletes need sports physicals and what benefits they offer.

A sports physical can provide a lot of helpful information outside of the realm of sports. The physician can get a baseline of the overall health of an individual, while discussing things like diet, exercise routines, and other healthy habits.

The physician will record the medical history of the patient, and then assess the patient’s height, weight, immunization status, and even vision. There will then be a musculoskeletal exam to make sure the patient is up to rigorous athletic activity.

Abnormal findings may be something that can be worked on, like tight muscle groups. These will just need supplemental stretching and exercise. However, the physical can catch life-threatening issues like heart murmurs.

The sports physical can be conducted by the patient’s primary care physician. The goal of the exam is not to disqualify individuals from playing sports, but to keep them safe from injury.

Sports physicals are a vital part of an athlete’s development and maintenance. For more information on the importance of sports physicals, click on the link to the video above.