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All across America, patients young and old are waiting in doctors’ offices and emergency rooms. The average wait time in a doctor’s office is 19 minutes, according to some estimates, but it can go much higher depending on the physician’s patient load; for emergency rooms, waiting times can last up to several hours. For many people, feeling ill or experiencing pain from an injury can be uncomfortable, and the event can be made even more frustrating when dealing with crowded waiting rooms, especially when many patients only see their doctors for a few short minutes.

Fortunately, there is a solution for these patients and for you as well: visiting an emergency clinic instead. Emergency clinics, also commonly known as urgent care centers, are popping up all over the country to meet the increasing demands placed on the healthcare industry. Patients who only require relief for a minor illness or non-life-threatening injury now have another option to get fast and affordable care.

Wondering about the advantages of urgent care? Check out what a clinic can do for you:

1. Emergency care. If you have a sudden illness or injury that is non-life-threatening, then going to a clinic rather than an emergency room can be more convenient. It can also cost a lot less, whether you have health insurance or not. Many clinics are open 24 hours a day or have convenient after hour care, so you won’t have to wait until the following day to see a doctor.

2. Check-ups. You can have a clinic’s family doctors see you or any member of your family for routine medical care at a clinic. Oftentimes, patients require fast check-ups for school or work. These appointments can be made just days or even hours before they are required, rather than having to plan months ahead.

3. Testing. From mammograms and MRI procedures to X-rays and blood testing, an emergency clinic can provide these lab functions on-site. With most doctors’ offices, you have to go to another building to get these tests done. Clinics offer added convenience for patients who require multiple treatments.

Next time you become sick or experience a minor injury, or if you need a routine exam or checkup on short notice, skip the long lines at the doctor’s office. Instead, visit an emergency clinic and get fast and affordable medical care. You can make an appointment or walk in to receive immediate attention. Have questions about urgent care and health clinics? Leave a comment below. Continue: San antonio occupational medicine services