The spa is a place for people to reinvent themselves, one massage and one tweeze at a time.

Who doesn’t love getting a little bit of everything in one handy package? Many Americans today are becoming better acquainted with the day spa and all the lovely results it can offer after just a few hours. Keeping up with the demand means double-checking your professional lash and brow products for quality, as missing just one ingredient can turn your customers toward the competition. From massage supplies to pedicure supplies, the sky’s the limit on all the ways you can draw people in. Interested in some hard data?

Take a look at the statistics below to learn more about the popularity of the day spa and how you can finally start improving your presence in 2019.

American Spa Visits Are On The Rise

Now’s a great time to double-check your professional lash and brow products. Spa visits are on the rise and today’s American wants to get as much bang possible for their buck. It’s estimated over 105 million American women actively use nail polish and nail care products. The American Massage Therapy Association also reported 40% of individuals receiving a massage for medical purposes within the past year. A spa should provide aesthetic touch-ups and medical assistance, all in one go.

Skin Care Is A Very Important Niche

How are your skin care products doing? This is one niche you literally can’t afford to neglect. A 2017 survey revealed half of American consumers using skin care products on a daily basis. The year prior saw the two best selling skin care products being facial cleansers and acne treatment, selling 205 million and 100 million units, respectively. When a customer walks in wanting some relief from stubborn pimples, you know what to offer them.

Lash And Brow Care Is Crazy Popular

Let’s get even more narrow than skin care. Professional lash and brow products have been growing incredibly popular these last few years, due in no small part to social media. Smooth eyebrows and long lashes are a great way to improve someone’s look, both subtle and quite obvious at the same time. More women than ever before are attempting to achieve the perfect eyebrow. A recent study found more than three million Instagram posts with the hashtag #brows.

Facial Kits Should Be Diverse

Some customers just want smoother skin. Others want a little bit of everything. Diversity in your spa kit will ensure you’re not turning customers down when they walk through the door. A 2016 survey assessing spa trends found nearly 14 million people having used day spa services within the past year. By the time 2024 arrives the global skin care market will reach a staggering $180 million. Products to sell at a spa should keep a close eye on trends while still holding onto the basics.

Massages Are Good For Your Health

Last, but not least, some customers just want to shrug off some stress. Massages are very good for your health, stimulating blood flow and loosening up troublesome knots. Chronic pain is a common issue for many working Americans today and, often times, the only relief they can get is by visiting a day spaw. A study on back massages found nearly 90% of individuals stating they view it as a beneficial addition to their health and wellness. Keep good massage oils and aromatherapy on hand for a truly enriching experience.

From professional lash and brow products to massage supplies…the spa will remain the one-stop shop for all things lovely!