Microwave heating pad

Americans are in constant need of a little therapy. They work long hours and suffer through even longer commutes. Just making dinner at night can seem like a feat right up there with climbing Mt. Everest. If you want to ease stress, you need to find something that works right off the bat. When work and school leaves you with a sore neck, a heated shoulder wrap can be just what the doctor ordered. Heat therapy works by stimulating blood flow to your cramped muscles, encouraging them to relax, stretch and gradually heal. When stretching isn’t enough, finding a better solution will help you get through that busy week a little more easily.

“It’s no big deal.”, you may be saying. “I’m used to it.”. Consider the list below on all the ways you can benefit by adding heat therapy and aromatherapy to your life.

You’ll Sleep Much Better

What’s worse than a stressful day? When you can’t get relief from a stressful day. Tossing and turning at night is not nearly as normal as you may think and could be a sign the long hours are getting to you. Studies have estimated as many as 40% of adults get less than seven hours of sleep per night. When doctor’s recommend a solid eight to nine, that’s a lot of potential rest that can wear you down before you know it. The Mayo Clinic recommends you get up and do something relaxing if you can’t fall asleep in 15 minutes or less.

You Can Reduce Your Anxiety Levels

Anxiety can affect your ability to function. When left unchecked, it can even cause you take time off of work. Anxiety disorder (as well as social anxiety and panic disorder) are among the most common mental health problems affecting working Americans. Anxious habits are frequently associated with heart palpitation, sweating, shaking and nervous thoughts. Lesser-known traits, however, include clenching your hands, grinding your teeth and bad posture. Starting to see a pattern? A heated shoulder wrap can help.

Your Sore Muscles Will Heal Faster

Yes, you can kill two birds with one stone and heal your sore muscles faster even as you’re getting that sweet, sweet relief. By encouraging more blood flow to affected muscles you’re helping your system speed up its natural healing process. Two-thirds of men and women have admitted in a recent survey that work has a significant impact on their stress levels. It’s estimated workplace stress also causes over one million American employees to miss work per day. As you can imagine, sore muscles don’t help much with productivity!

You Will Have A Much Better Mood

You could invest in a heated shoulder wrap…or you could try a lavender heat wrap. Essential oils have been used alongside basic therapy for over 6,000 years, cropping up in cultures all across the world and redefining what it means to relax in style. While sometimes used for ritualistic purposes, lovely scents have been proven to reduce stress and improve mood. Lavender is often the go-to option, though mint and lemon offer their own unique benefits. Consider combining oils with a microwave heating pad to encourage muscle tension to leave and never come back.

Improve Your Quality Of Life With Heat Therapy

Let’s get you caught up to speed so you don’t have to deal with an exhausted, sleepless night ever again. An aromatherapy neck pillow is a great way to combine heat therapy with aromatherapy, soothing your muscles and soothing your mood all in one go. Relaxed muscles can chip away at anxiety and help you sleep better at night. Healthy rest (eight to nine hours on average) is vital for keeping your mind sharp and your immune system fighting fit. Perhaps best of all? Heating pads are easy to prepare, use and store.

It’s okay to need a little therapy. Use a heated shoulder wrap next time you’re feeling under the weather and see how much better you feel.