Pain is an issue that many adults around the world will face, and in fact, about 1.5 billion people around the world deal with chronic pain at any given moment. Pain can be a result of pinched nerves, strained muscles, joint issues, and more, and can be the result of a number of causes ranging from injuries while playing sports to arthritis, old age, or many years of hard manual labor. Often, a particular joint or muscle in the body will cause pain, such as a rotator cuff tear, spine issues, and more, but a person does not have to resign themselves to pain. Therapists, yoga experts, and home remedies exist to deal with foot pain, chest wall pain, arthritis, and more, and someone who is suffering is urged to look into the possible solutions to their ongoing pain. How often do Americans suffer from chronic pain or injury, and what can be done about a rotator cuff tear, bad back, or any other issue?

Pain and Lifestyle
Experts have found that chronic pain, such as back pain, is not a rare occurrence; it is fairly common, and for this reason, plenty of medical experts have had motive to figure out solutions to that all the people suffering pain can get treatment. Around 80% of the American population will experience back pain at some point in their lives, such as from arthritis or straining themselves during sports of hard labor, and sometimes, this can be a major issue that interferes with everyday life. In fact, about 59% of those suffering chronic pain say that this problem interferes with the quality of everyday life, and one in four Americans suffers from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours, and many millions more suffer from acute pain such as a rotator cuff tear, knee pain or hip pain, and more. What is more, the National Institute of Health Statistics released a survey and found that back pain was the most common type of pain found at 27%, with severe headache or migraine second at 15%, neck pain tied at 15%, and facial aches or pains representing 4% of chronic pain.

What is a rotator cuff tear? According to Very Well Health, a rotator cuff tear is when the tendons and muscles on the shoulder joint are injured, such as becoming inflamed or torn, and they will not function properly while impaired. Pain at the top of the arm and shoulder is the most common symptom of this, and that pain can go all the way down to the elbow in some cases. Shoulder weakness or difficulty with arm-based labor may also indicate a rotator cuff tear. In fact, most Americans suffer a rotator cuff tear as they age, but most cases are mild enough to not give off symptoms or radically alter muscle movement. More serious cases should get treatment, however.

Solutions to Pain

Many types of pain, such as a rotator cuff tear, back issues, or other inflamed joins may call for medical services. A patient may look up local clinics for chronic pain or joint or spine issues, and this patient, once they get a personal trainer, may start doing stretched and yoga to loosen muscles and release pinched nerves, or get a joint moving again. Physical therapy is a common and often effective treatment for pain of all kinds, and any able-bodied person may be able to launch a yoga program (they may need their doctor’s guidance and permission first). A patient may supplement such a physical therapy session with injections and medication to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain, and patients who are not physically able can use medication and surgery in place of yoga and stretches to relieve their pain, such as the very elderly or amputees or anyone else who may struggle to do proper yoga and stretches. Those who suffered injuries during sports, for example, may have strained muscles or tendons, or a sprained ankle or wrist or a bad foot, elbow, or knee that will require therapy, or someone who has worked manual labor jobs for years may develop spine or joint issues that call for physical therapy. Such a program can ease pain away, no surgery needed.