Hair loss treatments

When people start to lose their hair, they don’t just miss it — they long for it back. Of those suffering hair loss, 30% would take a vow of celibacy if it meant getting their hair back; 60% would rather have more hair than more money or friends; and 47% would blow their entire life savings on the best hair loss treatments if they could restore their fully.

Unfortunately, no hair loss restoration solution has yet been created that can bring back a person’s full head of hair. There are, however, several advanced hair restoration options out there that can help people overcome their hairy troubles with surprising results.

Here are just a few of the amazing hair loss restoration options that are out there.

Scalp Pigmentation.

Scalp pigmentation is the process of having the bald areas of your head tattooed with tiny dots that simulate the look of a real, authentic brush cut. What’s significant about this hair loss restoration option is that there’s no invasive surgery, and no down time involved. In just a couple sessions, a person can regain the look of a real head of hair.

Nutrient Supplements.

Certain nutrient supplements can halt a person’s hair loss and can even help a person regrow their hair. Some such supplements include Zinc, and Biotin, which can thicken a person’s hair.

Laser Therapy.

There’s one company who’s even come out with a hair loss restoration helmet that uses lasers to increase a person’s blood flow in the scalp, which reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth. As good as this sounds, there are downsides. It’s pretty expensive, and it takes an exorbitantly long time before there’s any hair loss restoration. Helpful research also found here: