Access walk in baths

If there’s one big renovation you can make in your home and enjoy now, while also making a wise investment for your future, installing a walk in bathtub is definitely that one thing. Walk in baths and showers are quickly becoming one of the most popular home improvement projects today — and if you don’t believe it and you don’t understand why they’d be so popular, here are just a few reasons that might help convince you that home improvement projects can’t get much better than these:

  • First, the basics: a walk in bathtub is like a bathtub/shower hybrid. Similar to a shower, there’s no high ledge to step over. Similar to a bath, you can fill it up with water.

  • To make this mash-up feasible, walk in bath tubs come with special fitted doors, often self-sealing doors that open inward, which are opened easily but still fit snugly so that water doesn’t leak out. As the tub fills with water, there is increased pressure on the door to ensure that it stays shut. After a bath, you’d drain the tub like a normal bathtub, and there’s no need to worry about water spilling out onto the floor.

  • Many of these baths and showers come with extra features that enhance comfort levels which allow anyone with mobility restrictions or chronic pain to access a tub/shower with less stress. These tubs often include features like hydrotherapy water jets, which are very beneficial for residents with arthritis or muscle pain, and often include permanent seats inside of the tub, which are beneficial for anyone who has trouble standing for a long period of time but has trouble sitting down (and getting back up, for that matter) as would be required with a normal bathtub.

Ultimately, these tubs are becoming more popular because they allow aging homeowners to stay in their own houses for a longer period of time; after the homeowner leaves the house and needs to sell it, these tubs tend to be strong selling points simply because they enhance the safety of the bathroom overall.