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How do you feel about the growing field of medical marijuana doctors? Maybe you feel like medical marijuana doctors are a sham but will take any medication that your family practice doctor hands you for pain management, migraines, or psychological issues like ADHD and insomnia. Many people assume that if they get a prescription from their doctor, it means the medication they take is safe. In reality, there really isn’t such a thing as a safe medication. Most pharmaceuticals are a concoction of chemicals that forces your body to do something it isn’t naturally meant to do; for what good it does, it almost definitely does something negative somewhere else.

You might have noticed our emphasis on the word “most” in the previous paragraph. The reason for this is, despite the stigma associated with treatments provided by medical marijuana doctors, marijuana is a natural substance that has very few negative side effects. The pain killers you take are essentially poison that blocks your brain from processing the messages from nerves as they should. Yeah, that’s unhealthy and comes with a long list of dangerous side effects. Some deadly. Oh, and there’s the addiction aspect of it. You wouldn’t be the first otherwise upstanding citizen to get addicted to pain killers from a legally obtained prescription. Marijuana on the other hand, is as natural as it gets. It’s a powerful pain management treatment that doesn’t involve many (or any) side effects, and is not addictive.

If you aren’t there yet, we urge you to read our list of surprising benefits to medical marijuana:

Three Medical Conditions That Marijuana Could Improve

  1. Marijuana might help repair damaged lungs.

    We threw the “might” in there because we want aren’t marijuana salesmen. We want to be credible, and that involves being honest. There hasn’t be extensive testing on treatment of lung disease with marijuana (because medical testing is motivated by one thing: what can eventually generate a lot of money. Marijuana isn’t going to make the big pharma companies who fund research rich. Hmmm…), but the medical connection between lung function and marijuana use occurred by happenstance.

    In a 2012 medical research study that was aimed at comparing the impact on the heart of smoking tobacco vs. smoking marijuana, one of the many data points collected was the lung capacity of the more than 5,000 participants. While the lung capacity of tobacco smokers sharply declined over the 20 years the study was conducted, the lung capacity of marijuana smokers actually improved. If this potential medical breakthrough were developed further, marijuana could be used to treat a variety of lung diseases. Coupled with the impact of marijuana on cancer (which we’ll get to), marijuana could be an effective way to treat the number one killer of Americans: lung cancer.

  2. Marijuana could treat cancer.

    Cancerous cells kill its host by multiplying and multiplying and spreading throughout the body until the non-cancerous cells are overtaken and unable to make the organs of the body function as they should. A study that was conducted in 2007 found that when treated with marijuana, the body blocked the gene that most often produced the cancerous cells. When cancer was already present and spreading rapidly, using marijuana slowed the growth of cancer. Although the idea was that the marijuana would be use to prevent the spread of cancer, while radiation or other cancer treatments would eliminate the cancerous cells themselves, in some cases, the marijuana treatment was even effective for killing the cancerous cells as well.

    As with the previous point, this is a treatment that would need additional testing and research in order to maximize the value of it. That will only occur as people begin to embrace the incredible value of medical marijuana and abandon the stigma.

  3. Marijuana treats epileptic seizures.

    Epilepsy is a debilitating and life-threatening condition that triggers seizures with no cure. Patients with epilepsy live in fear of their condition, never knowing when their brain will revolt against themselves. Studies in lab rats show that treating epilepsy with an oil derived from marijuana is an extremely and healthy treatment for stopping seizures.

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