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When we have a pressing health concern, our immediate impulse is often to go to the emergency room. But the fact is that this may not be the best option for everyone. For one thing, the emergency room, as much as it has become popularized as a “cure all” on TV shows, is actually meant for real emergencies. That means high fevers, broken bones, major wounds — it isn’t meant to be a place that you visit because you’re worries about issues like STDs or mental illness. While the emergency room can provide a variety of services, the fact is that you’re going to be charged an arm and a leg for these services — the mean cost for a typical ER visit is $615, while the total cost is $1,318. For that matter, you’re going to wait a long time to be seen if you don’t have a true and pressing emergency, because people with scary health concerns are going to be given priority over you. Why go to the emergency room when there are viable, cheaper options out there? A medical walk in clinic is not only low cost — it also will provide many different services. Many underestimate the care given by free walk in clinics; but these clinics are staffed by medical professionals, just as an emergency room would be. Below, we’ll look into some of the services provided by health clinics.

1. STD Testing

Many health clinics and urgent care facilities function as free STD testing centers. This is truly amazing, as it can be difficult to find free STD testing centers in or around major hospitalities. STD testing is incredibly important. Not only do you just need to know whether or not you have an STD — but as soon as you do know, you’ll be treated faster and able to prevent the further spread of your disease. Yet many put off STD testing not only because they’re embarrassed, but because it can get expensive. The free STD testing centers found in health clinics at discreet and accurate. For that matter, they often provide same day STD testing and in some cases, at home STD testing kits. That way, you won’t necessarily have to go out of your want to visit the center whenever you want to be tested in the future. Still, it’s great to have free STD testing centers on hand, and often there’s an added sense of security. While your regular doctor may recognize you if you go in for STD testing, there’s an increased sense of anonymity in free health clinics.

2. Skin Cancer Checks

Skin cancer is a concern for a variety of people, and with good reason. Many of us get far more sun exposure than we should, whether intentionally or not. In fact, since 1975 skin cancer rates have tripled, in part due to the popularity of tanning, but in part because the atmosphere’s ozone layer has depleted, and with it the protection from sun exposure. People need to be careful about ensuring that their skin is healthy. But again, it can be hard to justify visiting your regular doctor for a mole that probably isn’t — but could be — cancerous. For peace of mind, you should visit a free health clinic. That way, you’ll pay very little or nothing for a checkup that could save your life. Even if you’re just worried about the general health of your skin, you can get tips from the health clinic — after all, doctors agree that 80% of skin aging isn’t due to the natural aging process, but because of dehydration, smoking, and inadequate sleep.

3. Mental Health Concerns

While a free health clinic may not have a psychiatrist or counselor on staff — though some do — you can still talk to the medical professionals at health clinics about coping skills and medications that may help your mental health problems. In some cases, these professionals can give prescriptions for medication that could certainly better lives, and even save them.