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It’s that time of year again. While the chaos of the winter holiday season is behind us, the new year has was rung in with particularly severe, if not deadly, cold and flu season. As such, finding a pediatrician during this time of year is especially important.

Pediatric doctors specialize in the long term medical care and treatment of conditions in children ranging from infancy all the way up to 18 years of age. Aside from regular check ups, physicals, and vaccinations, pediatricians can refer children to specialists in the event a chronic illness or a condition outside of the pediatrician’s expertise arises. Choosing a pediatrician who is both knowledgeable and experienced is important, as the medical care a child receives during their early years can help treat and even prevent chronic illness.

The first step in finding a pediatrician is to ask family, friends, and other parents for personal recommendations. There’s a good chance that they are able to recommend a local pediatrician who they can vouch for. You may find that you feel more comfortable receiving a personal recommendation from someone whose opinion you trust. Daycares, teachers, and coaches may also be able to make recommendations.

The internet is also an excellent resource for finding information on pediatricians in your area. There are a number of forums for parents with reviews and facts about pediatricians that you may find helpful in your search. Be sure to pay close attention to online reviews from other parents, as these will provide you with greater insight into how a pediatrician runs his or her practice.

Last but not least, when finding a pediatrician, it’s important to reach out their office directly. There are several important questions to ask a pediatrician, especially if your child has a medical condition or special needs that may affect their overall healthy. Not only is it important for you to feel comfortable with your child’s pediatrician, it’s important they feel at ease as well.
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