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The end of the year is approaching, and it’s time for many people to develop their list of New Year’s Resolutions. Because many people set goals for themselves for the next year, it’s important to develop a way to accomplish them that’s easy to stick with and fun, too. If your goals include losing weight, learning a new skill, and/or improving your overall health, you might benefit from joining one of the racquet and tennis clubs in your area to take group or private tennis lessons.

What can tennis lessons do for you? Tennis is a racquet sport played between either two or four players (two on each team). It involves quick movements that can improve hand-eye coordination and balance, and it gets players thinking strategically and staying aware of what’s happening in the game. No matter which goal you’ve set for yourself this year, taking part in group tennis clinics or private tennis lessons is one way to accomplish them all:

    1. Losing weight: Shedding winter weight (a.k.a. seasonal weight gain) is possible if you stick to a clear exercise routine. Playing three to four hours of tennis per week, when combined with a proper diet, can help a person lose half a pound per week. Steady, healthy weight loss is the best way to keep the pounds off.

    2. Learning a new skill: if you’ve never played a racquet sport before, there is no wrong time to start. While many people start playing tennis at a younger age, anybody can learn with the right amount of patience. Private and group lessons can provide a supportive environment for players of all skill levels.

    3. Improving your health and well-being: It’s not just weight loss that makes tennis a healthy activity. Tennis gives everyone the chance to get exercise during their week. This can improve heart health and cut the risk of heart attack or heart disease in half if played regularly. It’s also a great method of stress relief for any busy professional.

With private tennis lessons, you get one-on-one advice on improving your game from professionals who have played the sport for years. If you have questions about learning tennis this year, be sure to speak with a qualified teacher to get started. Have more questions? Leave a comment below. Get more info here.