The video “5 top medical spa treatments” demonstrates the most popular face treatments out today. From wrinkles, spots, to acne, these med spa services cure many facial issues.

A Hydrafacial deep cleans and hydrates skin.

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Red and blue light finishes up the treatment by pushing nutrients further into the skin. You can do this on your lunch break – it only takes 30 minutes. Apparently, more and more blushing brides are making this treatment their facial of choice on their wedding day. This prime facial costs about $90.

Micropen, also known as “vampire facial”, is good for acne scars and texture improvement. This is something one may do a few times a year. This facial is more expensive than the hydrafacial – customers hand over $425 for it.

The photofacial removes spots and veins on the skin. So if you have broken capillaries on your face, this treatment is for you.

Fillers are more and more popular to restore a youthful look.

Botox removes fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever you do, make sure you visit a real pro for this. The video mentions “less is more”, for botox. If you saw someone who could not move their forehead after too much botox, you will understand this quote. Surprisingly, Botox can even help with acne.