Local doctors

Every year, doctors see thousands of patients to help them find the relief that they need. For those without a primary healthcare provider, it can be difficult to find the right doctor. Patients want medical help that includes prescription medication, extended hours, and access to the top doctors in the field.

Sports Injuries

The 12 million child athletes between the ages of five and 22 who suffer a sports-related injury every year miss up to 20 million days of school, jeopardizing their chances of graduating. In total, sports injuries cost $33 billion in health care costs annually. For those with poor health care coverage, an urgent care center may be able to find doctors who can help you treat the injury and work out physical therapy options through your health care provider.

Chronic Pain

There is a startling number of Americans who wake up every day to chronic pain and aching, yet still have jobs to do. In total, 69% of citizens say that lower back pain affects their daily lives with four out of every 10 Americans trying exercise or stretches to relieve the pain. At least 40% of those suffering with lower back pain do not see a doctor or physical therapist of any kind for their pain. Finding top doctors to find a solution to your pain ought to be an option for everyone.

Treatment From Top Doctors

Urgent care centers are quickly becoming one of the nation’s fastest, affordable, and professional health care options: this is why 3 million patients visit them each week according to the Urgent Care Association of America. Nearly 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week, and many offer services like fracture care, fluid transfusions, and prescription filing. The professionals who work at urgent care facilities are licensed physicians, nurses, and other employees from the field — in total there are around 20,000 physicians who currently practice urgent care medicine. Many facilities can help patients find primary physicians to help refer patients to specialists. For access to the top doctors in the field, look no further than urgent care services.