Biking has become more popular than ever before here in the United States, with more than eighty million dollars spent on bicycle gear alone over the course of just one year, exceeding the amount of money spent even on airline tickets. In addition to this, more than three million people bike on a regular – even on a daily – basis. And the popularity of biking is certainly not just isolated to the United States. All around the world, there are estimated to be at least one billion bicycles, meaning that there are now more bicycles on this planet then there are cars.

There are many reasons to bike, whether you live in the United States or outside of it. For one thing, biking is a great way to get exercise into your everyday routine, with a jump of forty six percent seen in the numbers of people who are choosing to bike to work instead of driving there or commuting there via public transportation. For those who are looking to lose some weight, biking is ideal, as it will improve your endurance as well as help you to shed the excess pounds you are looking to part with – and all within the confines of your everyday routine, no need to schedule in time at the gym.

In addition to this, you can even reduce your chances of developing heart disease, particularly coronary heart disease, when you take up biking on a regular basis. In fact, one study that was conducted by the British Medical Association found a correlation between biking a mere twenty miles a week and lowered rates of coronary heart disease. According to this study, the average person would even be able to lower their chances of developing coronary heart disease by as much a fifty percent when biking this much or more on a weekly basis.

And the prevalence of biking has been shown to be hugely beneficial to the health of our environment, a fragile thing, as well. By biking instead of driving, a great deal of cars can be taken off of the roadways. Of course this has a positive impact, as it reduces the amount of harmful emissions quite considerably, especially with the higher numbers than ever before of bikers opting to not drive that we are seeing today. In addition to this, those that choose to bike to work will even be likely to save a good chunk of change as well, money that they would have otherwise needed to spend on gas.

But when you decide to take up biking, it’s important to make your bike as comfortable as it can possibly be. One way to do this is to look at types of comfortable bike seats. Fortunately, there are many types of bike saddles out there, and you are likely to find one that is not only very comfortable but safely within your price range as well. Leather bike seats, for instance, are hugely popular.

Leather bike seats provide style and flair, but leather bike seats are also very comfortable for long durations of time spent on the bike. In addition to this, leather bike seats are also quite durable, making them ideal by any biker’s standards. But leather bike seats won’t necessarily be the ideal choice for every biker for a number of reasons.

For one thing, leather bike seats are, of course, made from animal products. This can mean that those who abstain from the consumption of animals and animal byproducts will need to look for a different kinds of seat, such as a carbon fiber bike seat. In addition to this, leather bike seats can simply be just too expensive for the average person. While leather bike seats are very often worth the investment for their durability and their quality, they are certainly an item that many people, even avid bikers, will need to save up for and purchase at a later date.

Riding a bike can be hugely beneficial in so many ways, from improving your health to doing your part in protecting and saving our environment. However, you want to make sure that your bike is as comfortable as possible, especially if you plan on riding it for long durations.