Eventually, many people find themselves needing to stay in a hospital. While this isn’t something people like to think about, it’s almost a certainty that many will need professional medical treatment. It’s important to know that certain patients have a choice as to where they choose to go in order to obtain care. Considering that, healthcare facilities find it important to ensure that patients have a pleasant stay. With that in mind, you’ll learn why hospitals are using Alaris pumps to ensure patients achieve this goal.

Use of Infusion Pumps in Healthcare Facilities

You’ll find that the use of infusion pumps is incredibly common throughout hospitals. Statistics gathered from the University of Michigan’s Materiel Services department found that 86% of all patients entering the hospital had to use some type of pump for infusion purposes. In most cases, patients will require the use of either small or large infusion pumps. Smaller pumps are used for the infusion of medications and hormones. On the other hand, large pumps are necessary where nutrients need to be provided for a patient.

Benefits of Switching to Alaris Smart Pumps

Smart pump use has increased in hospitals throughout the United States. In fact, a 2013 report from the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists found that 72.9% of hospitals throughout the United States had implemented smart infusion pumps. This figure is a dramatic increase when considering that 44% of hospitals were using these pumps in 2007. That being said, it’s understandable to wonder why Alaris smart pumps are beneficial.

Unfortunately, the leading cause of patient injuries occurs as a result of adverse drug events. These events occur when a patient receives either too little or too much of substance during an infusion. With that in mind, one major benefit of smart pumps is that these items help to reduce these errors. Many healthcare facilities continue to choose Alaris smart pumps. In turn, healthcare facilities tend to notice a drastic reduction in the many types of errors that can occur while infusions are being administered.

To summarize, it’s important that hospitals are able to utilize the right types of medical equipment. Considering that, it’s important to implement smart pumps throughout your healthcare facility. These devices are used to help reduce the multiple types of errors that can occur while infusions are administered. Many healthcare facilities prefer to partner with the Alaris company. Alaris smart pumps continue to provide many facilities with infusion technology, helping to ensure patients remain safe.