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It’s amazing how easy it is to forget about our skin even though it is the largest organ on our bodies. It deserves a lot of care and attention, especially because it probably receives the most abuse in our day to day lives. You should have a proper in care regimen that involves cleansing, hydrating and protecting with professional skin care products preferably from private label lotion manufacturers. Some of the best anti aging products come from these type of creators even if you don’t pick the high end private label cosmetics. While natural skin products are best, you have to find what works for your particular skin. Here is an example of a good daily routine.

This is more than just splashing your face with water once or twice a day. Cleansing is done to remove bacteria, pollutants and dead skin cells that collect on our skin. The best way to do this is to wash your face twice a day, more if you sweat, by using a gentle, preferably natural cleansing wash. A good cleanser will hydrate the skin as well as clean it. Research done by private label lotion manufacturers has found that good cleansing will also clear out your pores and reduce the risk of breakouts.

A good skin corrector is used in order to treat skin pigmentation issues, wrinkles and lines and loss of elasticity as well as acne scars. There are several different types of corrective see rooms that are available on the market but private label lotion manufacturers have done a lot of research on what types of antioxidants should be in these corrective solutions. As well as antioxidants, plant stem cells are often used to rejuvenate cells and speed up turnover.

It’s normal that as we get older our skin will lose the capability of retaining moisture. However, if we don’t have enough moisture that are skin cells will begin to lose the elastin and collagen fibers or they will become brittle and break. This is what causes the dull looking skin, wrinkles and saggy skin. Replacing the moisture in our skin and making sure you stay hydrated will help your skin to maintain its natural elasticity and brightness which will make you look and feel like you are younger than you are.

This is one of the most important steps especially when you were younger. Of all the cancers, skin cancer is the most preventable type yet so many people forgo the protection step of skin care. Private label lotion manufacturers suggest using the very minimum of an SPF 15 in your facial sunscreen. UV rays are very harsh and our skin needs to be well protected at all times. Sunscreen should be applied about half an hour before going outside and should be reapplied every hour and a half that you are consistently in the sun.

Exfoliation should also be a part of your routine but not every day. You don’t want to scrub very hard or very often because your skin will stop producing its natural oils on its own. Use a gentle exfoliating lotion once or twice a week using only your fingertips to rub it into your face. This will help to rid of dead skin cells that build up through the week that normal cleansing does not get rid of but will preserve the oils in your skin that need to be there.

Speaking of skin oils that need to be there, make sure that all of your skin products are paraben free. Parabens are widely used to reduce bacteria growth in products, but they have been found to mimic your natural skin properties so that your skin becomes addicted to the product when it stop being able to produce these elements naturally.

Keep in mind that your skin is what protects the rest of the organs in your body and it is up to us to protect the skin. You can think of it as a barrier against infection and other types of environmental things that would be harmful to our insides. It’s not enough to just scrub off your make up every day, if you even do that. You have to have a good skin care routine in order to preserve your skin.