So many people across the nation have a preconceived opinion on urgent care centers. This is bad because these types of facilities, which include walk in clinics and the urgent care clinic, are absolutely great for the common person in terms of quick treatments. This is why it is important for people to trust their local urgent care doctor.

There are so many reasons for you to trust the local doctor that works at urgent care locations near you. They are just as trained as doctors in emergency rooms or more formal hospital areas. Plus, these urgent care centers are known for hiring a doctor or other doctors that have great skills. Here are some reasons why you should trust your local urgent care doctor.

Right now, just about 60% of all urgent care centers will have a wait time that is lesser than 15 minutes in order to see a physician. Furthermore, just about 65% of all centers will have a physician that is there at all times to help treat patients. There is no doubt that these urgent care centers will have a doctor on their staff that is well trained and can help you.

Just recently the Urgent Care Association of America conducted a survey involving the patients that visited urgent care facilities to see a doctor. This survey revealed that almost 60% of all patients waited less than 15 minutes to be seen and that also, just about 80% of all visits took less than 60 minutes.

Just over 20% of all urgent care locations will have more than 450 patients visiting their center seeking treatment each week. That is a high number of patients and it is impossible to believe that they would have so many patients visiting their facilities if they were deemed to be unreliable or failed to treat patients properly. However, the best part of visiting these facilities for urgent care services is that they have great hours.

Right now more than 65% of all urgent care centers will open up their doors to patients before 9 am. Furthermore, 45% of these centers will have their staff present before 9 am on Saturdays and over 30% will do the same before 9 am on Sundays. No matter what time you need help from an urgent care doctor, you will be able to get your treatment.

Across the nation, just about 90% of all urgent care centers are open until at the very least 7 pm at night. Plus, just about two out of five urgent care centers will be open to treating patients as late as 9 pm as well. So there will be a doctor present at an urgent care clinic at almost all times if you need one.

Not only do urgent care centers have a reliable doctor for you, but they also have great equipment. Just about 40% of all urgent care centers use electronic prescription ordering systems with larger portions using computerized systems to help them view lab and imaging results, billing, condition and procedure coding, clinical notes, and collecting patient demographics.

In Conclusion

There is no question that you should truly trust your local urgent care doctor. They are well trained and well equipped to help you deal with plenty of issues. These centers employ people who are highly skilled in their field, even though the stigma is often trending in the other direction.