Fitness and workout

Starting a workout regimen can be intimidating. And not just because you are starting something new, or committing time and effort to change, but because there is a risk of injury involved. In fact, 80% of adults do not meet the standards for aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
This doesn?t mean that 80% of adults are doomed to obesity and poor health, but that when starting a new fitness program it is important to choose the best workout for beginners. Below are three guidelines to follow to ensure that your efforts to get in shape don?t backfire and put you on the sidelines.
Focus on Core Strength
The majority of workout related injuries are the effect of a weak core. A strong core stabilizes and supports your entire body so that you can perform a workout with correct posture.
A great exercise for core strength is planks. The plank is a perfect substitution for the much-overrated ab crunch. And if you are having back pain, the side plank is one of the best exercises to strengthen the lower back and hips.
Use Proper Form
The most common problem for beginners when starting a fitness and workout program is poor form. This is generally caused by using too much weight. Start with a weight you know you can handle and gradually work your way up. Better yet, hire a personal trainer to ensure that your form is correct and that you get the best workout for your money.
Workout With a Friend
Working out with a friend is excellent motivation to stick to a routine. But a workout partner (spotter) is essential for anyone who plans on lifting weights to increase their strength. Never lift heavy weight without someone to help you. And if you are new to lifting weights, try using dumbbells instead of barbells. If the weight is too much you can just drop the dumbbell.
If you are a beginner, choosing the best workout doesn?t have to be a complicated process. If you stick to developing core strength, using proper form with basic exercises and use the buddy system then you can avoid injury and move on to more complex routines. And always remember, safety first!